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Stewart R

Stewart R

Hi, I’m Stewart, a Primary School, Years 7-10, HSC Maths, HSC Maths Extension 1 and 2, HSC Physics, HSC Chemistry. HSC Music and HSC Studies of Religion Tutor (99.15), and I am here to assist students in any way.

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  • Fill 1Music (1 and 2)
  • Fill 1Chemistry
  • Fill 1Physics
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  • Fill 1Science
  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)
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Hello everyone! My name is Stewart and I am an HSC graduate (2016) who achieved an ATAR of 99.15 attaining band 6 in 5 out of my 6 subjects. I was Dux of my high school in 2016.

As a tutor, I aim to be a friendly but professional personality that students feel comfortable around so that I can encourage them to succeed and be available for help at any time. I have had 2 years in private mathematics tutoring at year 12 level so I feel comfortable in any level of learning that a student may need.

I will encourage every student not just to improve at school but to develop skills and a passion for learning that they can use at school and even into tertiary education and beyond.

The subjects I offer tutoring in are any level of mathematics and science (and any discipline) from primary school to high school, as well as the HSC course Studies of Religion and Music 2 (theory and composition).


My results are as follows:

  • 96 Mathematics Extension 1
  • Overall score of 95 in Mathematics Extension 2
  • Overall score of 94 in Chemistry
  • Overall score of 93 in Physics
  • Overall score of 90 in Music 2
  • Overall score of 90 in Studies of Religion

I particularly excel in mathematics and science, both of which I continue to use at University level studying an Engineering Degree. My weighted average mark at University going into 3rd year is 83.4 (just below High-Distinction average).

My knowledge of course content will assist students but more importantly, my friendly personality and availability helps students to make the most of the tutoring experience.

I also understand that school and especially the HSC can be tough and daunting! I am here to assist students in any way.


I am available most days throughout the week and weekend.

I charge $45 per hour.

I can tutor anywhere near Chatswood or anywhere near access by train or bus.

I can now communicate online to provide ‘on-screen’ tutoring. Since I won’t need to travel to provide tutoring, my hourly fee will be $44, with NO FURTHER CHARGE for checking and correcting students’ draft assignments etc.

Please contact me to discuss details.

Thank you.