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Ryan B

Ryan B

Hi, I’m Ryan, and I'm here to help you with Years 7-10 Maths, Science and SACE Maths (96.55). I look forward to working with you towards a brighter future.

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Hi! I’m Ryan, and thank you for considering me as a tutor.

From a young age, I have always had an interest in science and mathematics, and I’m currently studying at the University of Adelaide doing a Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences.

I persued my interests in these subjects throughout my schooling life, completing Physics, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics in my 2017 year 12 studies. I achieved a score of 18.10, 16.70, 18.50 and 16.60 respectively for these subjects (an average of 87.4% across the 4), rewarding me with a final ATAR of 96.55 upon my graduation.

With these results, I have recently decided to put my passion to greater use by tutoring students in Mathematics of any level up to year 11, as well as general sciences up to a year 10 level (particularly Physics and Chemistry).


I am available to bring my services to you in your own home, or to meet up in public places such as the State Library, or a library near you, just let me know. However, I do not own a car and have to limit my availability to anywhere within 7 kilometers of my home in Prospect, as I will be riding my bike to get to you.

For this reason, the closer you are to Prospect, the better, but I am dedicated and willing to meet for sessions as far as 10 km away.

I am happy to tutor for as long as you need in half-hourly intervals with no maximum session length.

My availability is from 3:30 pm onwards for all weekdays except Wednesday, as well as any time between 1 and 7pm on weekends.

My rates are equal for each of the subjects I offer, but differs by year level and presumed difficulty. They are as follows:

  • $30/hour for years 7 and below
  • $35/hour for year 8’s and 9’s
  • $40/hour for year 10’s
  • $45/hour for year 11’s ($52/hour for Specialist Mathematics)

I believe these rates are reasonable for what I will provide, such as study plans, notes, homework problems, content summaries and more – everything that I believe you might find useful. I will aim to provide whatever you think is best for you.

I hope that hearing what I can offer has been enough for you to consider me as a tutor, and I look forward to working with you towards a brighter future.

Thank you for reading my profile!