Ronald K – Years 7 – 12, VCE Maths Methods & VCE Specialist Maths Tutor

“LearnMate’s No. 1 tutor, with over 50 satisfied students in over 1500 hours of tutoring experience across 3 years
to help you achieve the results you need!”

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About Ronald

Hi! I’m Ronald! Thank you for considering me as your tutor for VCE Maths Methods (45) and Specialist Maths (45). My qualifications are:

  • Honours Degree in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Certificate IV in Education Support (In-Progress)
  • Approved Working with Children Check

I attained an ATAR of 96.1 in 2006 and graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne in 2010. After working as an engineer for several years, I decided to move into full-time teaching as I am deeply passionate about equipping others with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed! I offer online tutoring all across Australia and in-person tutoring around Carlton.

My Teaching Style

During our sessions, I will provide:

  • easy-to-understand explanations to difficult concepts
  • exercises and worksheets specific to your needs
  • explanations to questions in textbooks and study guides
  • practical and comprehensive guides for each area of study
  • detailed feedback and tips on tough exam questions
  • effective management strategies to get you through every test!


Can’t wait to get started? Then, please get in touch with me TODAY and I will respond within 24 hours! All lessons cost $60 per hour. All supplementary subject material provided by me will be free of charge.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you! 😀

“Ronald was fantastic. He was diligent, conscientious and built a good rapport with our son, who ended up with over 40/50. I would recommend Ronald as a Specialist Maths tutor without hesitation.”

Craig Past Parent

Ronald is extremely hard working and communicates really well and promptly. He is always well prepared for the lessons.

Saima Past Parent

Yes we have had Ronald seeing Aaron for a while now and we are very happy to recommend Ronald to others. He is always polite, communicates very well and is punctual.

Steve Past Parent

Interested in hiring Ronald to be your tutor?

Ronald K – Years 7 – 12, VCE Maths Methods & VCE Specialist Maths Tutor