Rawan M – VCE Biology Tutor

“I aim to prepare the student well enough that he/she is confident enough while walking into the exam room”

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About Rawan


Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Rawan Marklla and I tutor VCE Biology. Biology is my favourite VCE subject and was the subject I enjoyed most while studying VCE.

I graduated from St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College in 2015, achieving a raw score of 40 in Biology. I fluently speak, read and write in both English and Arabic (I studied and completed VCE Arabic during year11, achieving a raw score of 38). I also fluently speak both Chaldean and Assyrian. I am a very friendly person who communicates well with others and can avoid an awkward or unpleasant time. I also like to socialise with others and have a good time and so I am an easygoing person. Honesty is one of the values, which I highly regard. Therefore, be assured that you will receive the straight-forward, honest feedback that you need, as a student (or parent, for your son/daughter), to improve your academic performance. I am a highly enthusiastic and motivated person who only does the things that genuinely interest him. As a result, everything I do is done with a legitimate effort and a great amount of passion. I am a patient individual who aims to help others, encourage, support, and motivate them to reach their own goals and dreams. I, personally, am pursuing a dentistry career and wish to graduate from the University of Melbourne. Some of the things which interest me include sports such as soccer, boxing and tennis as well as cars, animals, reading, action and comedy movies.


As a tutor, I aim to maximise my students’ academic performance in Biology gradually. Gradual improvement is the best improvement as it is a sustainable one. My initial goal is to improve the student’s performance in SAC’s. Doing this will involve ensuring the student understands the main ideas and concepts for each topic included in the SAC, as well as being able to apply these concepts and ideas in potential SAC questions and the ability to use correct terminology in the correct context. My second goal is to prepare the student very well for the end of year exam. I aim to prepare the student well enough that he/she is confident enough while walking into the exam room without worrying or stressing too much. As a parent, you can judge if your son/daughter is improving and benefiting from tutoring by analysing their SAC’s/SAC scores and seeing if those improve. Furthermore, even after each SAC is completed, time will be dedicated to correct any mistakes from that SAC and/or to revisit and go over any concepts which the student needs help understanding – to maximise the student’s performance in the end of year exam.


I am currently available on the evening of most weekdays and anytime on the weekend.

I can tutor from the following locations:
– My home – Greenvale (northern suburbs)
– Your home if you live in the suburbs surrounding Greenvale (Eg. Meadowheights,  Roxburgh Park, Tullamarine, etc..).
– The Age Library – Broadmeadows (Broadmeadows library)
– Hume Global Learning Centre – Craigieburn (Craigieburn library)
– The State Library of Victoria – The city

My rates are:

$40/hr for individual tutoring.

$65 for 2 hours of individual tutoring.

$30/hr/student for group tutoring of 2 or more students.

Interested in hiring Rawan to be your tutor?

Rawan M – VCE Biology Tutor