Ramon C – VCE Accounting, English, Legal Studies, & Religion and Society Tutor

“I am dedicated and ready to get you the best ATAR you can achieve!”

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About Ramon

Hey there! My name is Ramon, a recent VCE graduate with experience in tutoring, and am dedicated and ready to get you the best ATAR you can achieve! Fulfilling potential is what I am all about. I love sport, music (DJing/drums) and hanging out with friends.


I graduated from the state’s top performing school in 2014, Mount Scopus, with an ATAR of 99.05, with raw study scores of; 48 (English) 45(Accounting) 47(Religion & Society) and 45 (Legal Studies).Throughout secondary school, I was a thrice-time recipient of the Principal’s Distinction in English and a two-time recipient of Merit award in Legal Studies. Currently, I am undertaking the Bachelor of Commerce, at Australia’s #1 University, The University of Melbourne, (with guaranteed entry into their post-grad Juris Doctor program/Masters of Law) and have maintained a First Class Honours average throughout my first year of study.

Safe to say, I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about learning and fulfilling academic potential. Granted, VCE is a tough mistress, yet having tutored several students in 2015 , sometimes all it takes is steady guidance to overcome the nuances of your final schooling years.

Beyond the mundane of the classroom, my tutoring style is individually crafted to suit each student’s needs. No two students are the same, so a ‘one fits all’ approach that is often used in school, lacks efficiency. Unlike some teachers, I am a young, energetic and easily approachable person, which I have found makes my students far more comfortable in asking questions and going beyond what they would otherwise. I also offer my students 24/7 contact via text, Facebook, email – just to go the extra mile!

Having recently graduated, I am well-versed on the ins-and-outs of VCAA (your best-friend). So my tutorials won’t only be content based, but rather how you can get the step above the rest of the cohort, especially on those challenging questions they will throw at you.


I’m available for private and group sessions (although one-on-one’s are more efficient) on all weeknights and weekends. I’m very flexible, to make it as convenient for you as can be!


I live in Caulfield, my students are currently in the South-East suburbs. I do have a car and will be happy to travel to you!

I also have an abundance of fresh material, as I liaise with my teachers from last year, so you can be sure you are receiving top-quality resources to guide you to success.

Ramon is fantastic. I can see a big improvement in my son’s work. In a recent trial exam for selective entry, my son moved from below average in English writing skills to very good/ superior.

Parent of Student

Relate well with student which enhances her motivation to learn.They are both reliable and punctual. They run through corrected work/sacs outlining techniques and strategies that could be included for better outcomes. They are both very willing to assist with extra notes that they may have at home. they both have patience and show a genuine interest in wanting the student to achieve her potential.

Parent of Student

He was excellent, can’t speak highly enough. He really improved my oral! I’ll definitely be seeing him again for English.

Alex Past Student

Max said he enjoy the lesson with Ramon and he helped Max on his assignment. Max also said Ramon gave him some good tips on his work too!! Max said he would like to continue the lesson with Ramon.

Clement Past Student

Interested in hiring Ramon to be your tutor?

Ramon C – VCE Accounting, English, Legal Studies, & Religion and Society Tutor