Raman S – Primary School, Years 7-10, UCAT Preparation and VCE English, Maths and Further Maths Tutor

I will be available to help students outside of class with questions and queries (online), providing both an excellent in-class and out-of-hours service not found in typical tutoring services.

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About Raman


Why choose me?
The simple answer is that as a recently graduated student with a 99.80 ATAR and 97th UCAT percentile, I understand how students think. With over 1, 000 hours of experience and 30+ students who have been helped over the past 2 years, I am sure that you or your child will benefit from these highly personalised sessions. This is my philosophy: tutoring serves to benefit and pinpoint student needs that schools don’t cover or attend to, and to provide other angles of learning to help students bring out their best for their education and VCE.


Having achieved a 50 raw study score in Further Maths, having hundreds of hours of experience under my belt, and a huge amount of practise resources (practise SACs, exams, questions, books), students of ALL abilities will benefit from my experience and expertise.

I specialise in helping students with Argument/Language Analysis (which students usually start to learn in Year 10 onwards for VCE). Having achieved a 50 raw study score in English, the techniques that I have found and the methods of teaching for VCE English have proven their effects. I am also able to help with Text Response & Comparatives, but less-so with texts I am unfamiliar with (I am familiar with Rear Window and The Longest Memory).

As a co-founder of In2Med Australia, a new medical entry preparation organisation, in addition to writing over 5, 000+ UCAT practise questions, I am well-placed to help students ace the UCAT. Having achieved a 97th percentile myself and developed intricate and detailed courses for the UCAT at In2Med, I have an in-depth knowledge of unique strategies and techniques that I can help students apply and use to help them ace the UCAT. I have helped over 10 students achieve high UCAT scores, most enough to gain medical entry at a university. The following is a comment by one of my students who scored in the 99th percentile.

“The UCAT preparation material and techniques provide students with efficient and effective strategies and methodologies to target questions that can stump those without sufficient knowledge. Prioritising time and accuracy, the techniques supplied for verbal reasoning and abstract reasoning can save crucial seconds for the exam. Transitioning skim reading techniques and recognition strategies, students who become proficient with Raman’s exercises are undoubtedly wired for success with their UCAT exam. Accompanied with the constant discussion and revision of mental processes required when tackling a new or difficult question, Raman’s methodology and procedure allow for students to almost immediately identify which questions are worth flagging and skipping to save time. As a previous student of Raman, I highly recommend his services, as they aid in the progression of a student planning to undertake the UCAT exam, and also transition into improving efficiency in other studies.” – Vishma N (2020)

I am currently tutoring and have tutored several students in high school mathematics and English, as well as helping primary school students with scholarship test preparation. As someone who has the patience to work with younger students and can convey these difficult concepts simply, students aiming to gain selective entry or just need general help will benefit.



Due to the amount of students I currently have I can only take group classes, unless other arrangements can be made. Contact me if you want to discuss. For group classes, before SACs and exams etc I’m happy to take individual sessions but the majority of the rest of the classes will be group.

  • English/Maths (VCE or non-VCE) – $30/hour 
  • UCAT – $45/hour

Interested in hiring Raman to be your tutor?

Raman S – Primary School, Years 7-10, UCAT Preparation and VCE English, Maths and Further Maths Tutor