Peter M – VCE English, VCE Psychology & VCE Business Management Tutor

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About Peter

Hi! My name’s Peter, and my mission is simple: to help VCE students attain the marks that they want and deserve! But first, a little bit more about myself:

– I completed the VCE in 2014, with an ATAR score of 96.35.

– I attained raw scores of 45 in Business Management, 40 in English and 46 in Psychology.

– I have a full year of tutoring experience under my belt. This has allowed me to develop the skills needed to teach students in an interactive, fun style to ensure that they develop the knowledge they need, but don’t fall asleep while doing so!

Many students complain to me that their teachers often teach them concepts that they really don’t need to know, and are never actually tested on. This is why I only cover material in the study designs of the subjects that I teach, which are set out by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) itself. These study designs specifically instruct students on what they actually need to know. By cutting out all the fluff and focussing on the actual curriculum in my tutes, my students are able to learn efficiently and avoid wasted time, allowing them to consistently attain scores in the top 8% of the state (40 and above).

For VCE English, the texts I studied were The Thing Around Your Neck and Twelve Angry Men (For text response, though I believe Twelve Angry Men is no longer an assessable text). I also studied John Kinsella’s Peripheral Light for Context.

With me, you know that you’re getting a dedicated, engaging tutor who will always be willing to help you out of a jam, and assist you to attain the score that you need!

Location and other information

I live in the Doncaster area, but I am willing to travel to nearby suburbs (e.g. Donvale, Templestowe, and Balwyn) if necessary. I am also willing to do home visits if requested, or meet at public libraries with students and tutor them there. As a part of my offering, I provide students with practice SACs/Exams in preparation for their actual SACs and Exams (which I will gladly mark for them).

Private tutoring

I am currently charging $42 per hour for private tutoring services! If I have to travel more than 20 minutes away from home, a $10 travel charge will be added to cover my expenses and travel time.

Group Sessions

I am now also offering group sessions! I accept groups of up to 3 people, at only $30 per person!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Interested in hiring Peter to be your tutor?

Peter M – VCE English, VCE Psychology & VCE Business Management Tutor