Pavel L – Primary School, Years 7-10, VCE English as an Additional Language (EAL) Tutor

Understanding, patient and friendly tutor

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About Pavel


Hey there, thanks for taking a look at my new profile!

I am interested in helping students who are studying English as an Additional Language (EAL).

I am a native English speaker born and raised in Melbourne. I am currently in my third year of undergraduate studies at The University of Melbourne taking a double major in psychology and philosophy. I have many Chinese friends, and I often assist them with their English. They have gone on to get perfect marks! I also have rudimentary Chinese Mandarin language skills. As someone who is familiar with non-native speakers, I am sensitive to the kinds of issues they face, and how they can be helped. I’m also understanding, patient and friendly.

As someone who studied Japanese for a few years in the typical rote fashion and remembering none of it, I am fully aware that students don’t learn by simply attempting to memorise material without any context to the real world.

I believe that languages are tools, and you learn how to use tools best by applying them. I wish to motivate my students to engage with the material by relating it to their unique goals. Some examples of the kind of learning methods I may employ are:

  • Mock debates.
  • Reading challenging books.
  • Defining words from a dictionary.
  • Watching videos.
  • Roleplaying conversations about specific topics.
  • Writing about topics the student is interested in.
  • Flashcards.

In such a way, learning a language is not only about the language itself, but it’s about how that language can be used in the real world. Languages are not simply rules written down in a book. They are complex, and often a language student won’t even consciously understand all the implicit rules they had learned. So, it is crucial that languages are learned in a practical context for them to be embedded properly into memory. This way of learning also serves as great motivation, because it helps the student achieve goals outside of the language itself.

I will also help the student review, revise and prepare with their curriculum content (e.g., assignments, exams, essays, oral presentations, listening exercises, etc).


If you would like to come to me, I would suggest we have lessons at the Port Melbourne library (check open hours!). I can also tutor anywhere around the CBD (Parkville, Carlton, East Melbourne, etc) or Port Melbourne (Albert Park, South Melbourne, Middle Park).  I am glad to travel to further areas if we negotiate a fee to cover my travel costs.

My hourly rate for individual tutoring is a base rate of $35. Travel expenses may incur an additional cost (see above).

I am generally always available for tutoring, and I will immediately notify you if changes in the future affect our tutoring times.

I possess a valid Working with Children check.

Once again, thanks for reading my profile. And I hope to hear from you soon.

Interested in hiring Pavel to be your tutor?

Pavel L – Primary School, Years 7-10, VCE English as an Additional Language (EAL) Tutor