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Noor Y

Noor Y

Hi! I'm Noor, a Primary School History, Primary - Year 10 English, Maths, Science, IB Biology SL/HL, IB Chemistry SL/HL, IB Maths SL, IB English A Literature SL/HL, IB History SL, IB Theory of Knowledge and French Abnitio Tutor (98.30). I'm here to help you achieve your dream ATAR.

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  • Fill 1Theory of Knowledge
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  • Fill 1Biology SL or HL
  • Fill 1Chemistry SL or HL
  • Fill 1Science
  • Fill 1Maths SL or HL
  • Fill 1Maths
  • Fill 1English A Literature SL or HL
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  • Fill 1History SL or HL
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I’m a recent 2019 IB graduate looking to pursue my passion of education and teaching. I achieved a high IB score of 40/45 (ATAR 98.05) having done the following subjects: English HL, Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Maths SL, History SL, and French Ab Nitio. I can teach a wide range of subjects for both high school and primary school students, my strong suits being IB Biology, IB Chemistry, IB English, IB Maths, IB History, TOK, EE, junior science (bio, chem, physics), yr 7-10 English, and primary school subjects. I am available for online and in-person tutoring in Sydney. I will plan lessons ahead of time and test my students regularly to consolidate their knowledge. I aim to deliver personalised and interactive lessons, using techniques that helped me in my years of schooling such as diagrams and animations, not just a textbook. Ultimately, my goal is to help my students achieve their dream scores by doing their best.


I live in Greenacre and available for in person tutoring in the areas of Greenacre, Burwood, Strathfield, Bankstown and Homebush from Monday through Friday anytime between 1-6pm. I am also available for online tutoring from Monday through Sunday anytime.


"Noor has been tutoring my daughter Ramiza for the last few weeks and so far I have seen Noor as a very talented tutor. She has taken extra care for my daughter to understand her weakness areas and has given relevant homeworks to improve those areas. She interacts with her students in a very friendly way which makes the learning session very interactive and this is very useful specially for the kids when you are trying to teach them some new concept. I can recommend Noor to anyone who is looking for their kids to get some extra help." - Abdullah, Parent