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Natasha D

Natasha D

Hi! I'm Natasha, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, QCE English and French Tutor. I'd love to help my students cultivate their passion for language and learning.

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Hi, I’m Natasha! I’m a student at the University of Queensland taking my bachelor of International Studies. I major in French and Peace & Conflict studies, and also take a diploma in Korean. I have maintained an average gpa of 5.5 throughout my degree so far.

I’d love to help with English or French high-school level study or primary school students through online tutoring sessions. I achieved A level grades for both these subjects in high school before I graduated in 2018 with an OP score of 4. Among other awards, I was awarded the top of subject for French, my school’s Caltex All-Rounder and an academic award in 2018. Ever since I was young, I loved books and language, English was my favourite subject. When I began French in high-school, this passion for language was expanded and has lead me to where I am today, studying International Studies. I’d love to share my passion with my students as I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to excel in these subjects, even if they require a little help.

As a tutor, I’d love to consolidate the knowledge my student starts with, ensure they understand the curriculum, assessment tasks and homework, all while I help to cultivate their passion for language and learning.


I tutor through Learnmate’s online learning platform, with the rates of:

* $45/hour for a one on one session

* $50/hour for a group of two or three

I am available for sessions after school or on the weekends, please reach out to me so that we can arrange a time and day that works well for both of us.