Miranda P – VCE Philosophy Tutor

I honestly believe that anyone can achieve great results. I achieved a 50 in philosophy despite starting the year as below average. I am passionate about teaching, and I will show you the secrets to becoming interested in the subject and succeeding!

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About Miranda

Philosophy students, welcome.

My name is Miranda, and I graduated year 12 in 2014 at Billanook College, with an ATAR of 98.75. This included a study score of 50 in philosophy, for which I also received a Premier’s Award. I also received a 46 in Theatre studies, 45 in psychology, 40 in literature and 39 in Indonesian language.

I became inspired to become a philosophy tutor because when I started year 12 philosophy, I found the subject hard and tiresome, and was ranked 6th in a class of only 8 students. However, by the end of the year, my hard work and the techniques my teacher had taught me allowed me to beat the class (and the state) with a 50. Now, I want to help others succeed in the subject. Year 12 is a stressful year, but passion in a subject turns stress into motivation. Together, we will find that passion.

My tutoring approach

As your philosophy tutor, I aim to tailor our sessions to your interests and expand your philosophical knowledge. Sessions will be unique and adjusted according to your interests, not one-size-fits-all.

The approach I take to teaching is very guided. When I assign my students work, I will complete the exact same work myself, so that we can compare our results at the end. I understand that it can be hard to edit your own work, and so I offer students the option of editing my work instead, in order to develop their critical thinking skills. It is a mark of an excellent tutor when the student becomes critical of every viewpoint presented to them. Some of my techniques involve:

  • Creating questions for you to answer. Together, we will then compare your answers with my answers and compare the approaches
  • Re working past SACS in order to learn what you can do to improve your work in SAC conditions
  • Answering questions under timed limits, in the most stressful situation possible, in order to build confidence in exam conditions
  • Lots of work with standard form, which helps students to understand philosophical arguments

I am up to date with

  • The VCE curriculum and required texts
  • Nature of the SACS and exams
  • The skills and resources needed to excel in a VCE setting

As your tutor, I:

  • Can answer your questions for free at any time of the week
  • Read your work for free in order to prepare for our sessions
  • Drive to your house for an additional $5 per 10kms away from St Kilda
  • My hourly rate at $50, with the first session being free

My availability is flexible, I am happy to negotiate with students depending on their availability.

Interested in hiring Miranda to be your tutor?

Miranda P – VCE Philosophy Tutor