Minghao W – HSC Advanced English & HSC Legal Studies Tutor

“I strongly believe that the student shouldn’t see the tutor as ‘just another teacher’ as this would not address the underlying factors for getting tuition in the first place!”

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About Minghao

About Me and Qualifications 

Hi! My name is Minghao (or Ming for short, whichever works!) and I’ve been tutoring HSC Advanced English and Legal Studies for the past year and a half. During that time, I built upon my already strong passion for helping students to improve as young academics with individual aspirations and goals. Put simply, tutoring is something that I greatly enjoy and I genuinely believe that this sentiment will endure into the future.  

In terms of my academic history, I graduated from Sydney Boys High School in 2014 with an ATAR of 94.40. My two best (and favourite!) subjects were Advanced English (92/100) and Legal Studies (93/100). Unsurprisingly, my passion for these two subjects was a key contributing factor to why I decided to tutor them both. In 2015 I received an Academic Excellence Scholarship at the Western Sydney University, where I’m currently studying a double degree of Law and Criminology. 

Tutoring Approach 

As a reflection of my character, I always aim to strike a balance between formal and informal tutoring. I strongly believe that the student shouldn’t see the tutor as ‘just another teacher’ as this would not address the underlying factors for getting tuition in the first place. Furthermore, tutors are most effective when students see them as approachable, thus I am far more interested in maintaining a lively relationship rather than presenting myself as an authoritarian figure (it’s not really who I am in the first place). 

After getting to know my students a bit better, I am quick to identify any existing strengths and potential areas of weakness to consistently revisit in future sessions. From experience, this can encompass both specific areas such as technique identification as well as broader issues, including essay writing as a whole. In re-examining weaknesses, I take a targeted approach which deconstructs the problem into identifiable elements to work on incrementally, so that ‘impossible’ problems appear much more resolvable. Notably, certain strengths displayed by students have been used in the past to almost completely eliminate weaknesses. An example of this was where one of my students, a strong note-taker, improved dramatically in their analysis by re-evaluating the way they used their notes to answer questions to a meaningful capacity. 

As a whole, my approach has resulted in marked improvements for many of my students. Several students who were initially scoring in the mid-70’s range finished the school year with marks in the upper-80’s to mid-90’s range. Moreover, one of my students who started the school year with mid-60’s marks in Legal Studies took me aback by voicing in our very first lesson together that she was planning to drop the subject within a week. I encouraged to keep the subject, as it was clear from the past work she had brought for the session that many of her problems were surprisingly minor and thus, not overly difficult to address. She eventually completed HSC Legal Studies with a mark of 85/100. These improvements reinforced my view that anyone has the potential to succeed, and that I have an active responsibility as a tutor to help my students realise their potential. 

Tutoring Services

If you were to hire me as a tutor, you would have access to any relevant notes (subject to the text/options) and past papers/essays at my disposal. I will also give phone and internet support outside of class times as needed. In line with the current arrangement I have with my students, I am more than happy to provide comprehensive feedback to any practice work submitted via email outside of class times.

Location, Availability and Costs

I live in the Revesby/Bankstown area – and have a preference at this stage for the student to come to me as I have no reliable car access at the moment. I am available on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, as well as mid-afternoon on both Monday and Tuesday. Please feel free to inquire about my specific availabilities though! 

My costs are only $52 per hour for private tutoring and $77 per hour for group tutoring (a maximum of 4 students in a single session is ideal). 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Interested in hiring Minghao to be your tutor?

Minghao W – HSC Advanced English & HSC Legal Studies Tutor