Meg C – VCE English, Classics, Philosophy and Literature Tutor

“Begin to truly engage with and understand the core concepts of your subject with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor, who scored a 99.55 ATAR”

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About Meg

About Me: 

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look through my profile, as a tutor, I try to combine the need for the nitty gritty expertise in each particular subject area with the emotional sensitivity and understanding it takes to tailor my teaching to each individual student.

In terms of fundamental knowledge, I achieved high scores across all of my chosen subjects; specifically, a 49 in English, a 48 in Classics, a 43 in Philosophy and a 40 in Literature.  These all cumulated in an ATAR of 99.55 in 2017.  I believe my scores across these highly competitive Humanities subjects highlights not only an awareness of the particular demands of the VCAA Examiner’s Board but also a deeper understanding of the texts themselves.

In this way, I believe that tutoring is primarily about building a genuine appreciation and interpretation of the subject matter, in a way that transcends simple Study Designs or practice questions.  This approach ensures that students are able to better tackle anything their SACs or the exam may throw at them, despite whether they had prepared for those specific questions.  I also believe it allows students to come away having gained more than a simple mark or ATAR and will ultimately enrich their own world view.

Location, Availability and Cost:

I am currently situated in the South-eastern Suburbs and hold a valid Victorian Driver’s Licence.  I am also currently available all days of the week and will do my best to accommodate any potential students into my schedules.

I charge $40 per/hour but will also be available to look over students’ more urgent work and queries in between sessions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Meg tutored my son English. She is an excellent tutor and helped my son immensely. She is always polite, punctual, friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

Tammy Parent

Meg is an amazing tutor. Very bright and knowledgeable. She also provided resources to assist our son with his VCE English Sac. Thank you

Tina Parent

Interested in hiring Meg to be your tutor?

Meg C – VCE English, Classics, Philosophy and Literature Tutor