Maisha H – Years 3 – 9 Maths, English, Science, NAPLAN and ICAS Exams Tutor

“Learn from an engaging and interactive tutor in English & Physics”

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About Maisha

Hello everyone, my name is Maisha and I am a current Masters student in Contraction Management at Deakin University. I am an Architect and have worked as an Editorial Associate for the past two years, my areas of expertise lie in Physics and English, achieving high grades in IGCSE and GCE with a grade point average of 4.5 out of 5.

As a tutor, I am committed to helping other students in successfully understanding the subjects first, it is my strong belief that only with a complete understanding of a subject can a student achieve high results.


I achieved high results across subjects like Physics, English and Math’s. In my school we were required to study a variety of subjects including Geography, History, and Religious Studies. However, as an Architect I have a particular interest in History and Physics.

I have always been keen on the learning process of both me and my peers. In architecture school we were required to work in a group, and this gave me a vital grasp in the concept of peer learning, where instead of the hierarchy of a student and teacher relationship, a teacher learns from the student and the student in term learns from the teacher through intellectual discussions and use of the various forms of media learning available. As a tutor I will be able to transfer these skills to my students, it is a very effective method taught in University that I believe needs to be incepted in a student during his/her early years of education. It is an easy way to transfer knowledge of difficult concepts by a relatable and understandable method.

I concentrate on the ability of the understanding of a particular subject first, implementing a real curiosity on a student to ask vital questions and in turn answer them, further adding to understand what exactly the HSC/Board of Studies require in a syllabus to make sure all topics are covered, I believe that a well-rounded education does not confide only in the ability to answer the questions being asked, but in an in depth understanding of what the subjects core understanding is. Only then is a student able to achieve high scores and fulfill the requirements needed to achieve high results.

Having dealt with high pressure situations and following a strict deadline in my career I also understand the importance of time management and can provide with a minimum effort and maximum result approach to studying in an interactive and effective way!

I will be delighted to tutor students of all ages, primarily focusing on Physics, English and Math’s.


I am currently available all days except Mondays and Wednesdays, but will be able to dedicate the allocated time needed to accommodate any students’ weekly schedules.

I am available to teach online and in person within all areas of Geelong and it surrounding suburbs. I charge $50 per/hour and $10 for travel when required to sit in person. I would be happy to tend to students when required in between sessions if they require further assistance.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Interested in hiring Maisha to be your tutor?

Maisha H – Years 3 – 9 Maths, English, Science, NAPLAN and ICAS Exams Tutor