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Long P

Long P

Hi! I'm Long, a VCE Chemistry and VCE Maths Methods Tutor (98.20), and it is my goal to help you excel by guiding you into understanding the bases of these subjects.

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Hi there,

My name’s Long. I am able to tutor in Chemistry and Mathematical methods achieving study scores of 47 and 43 in each subject respectively. I graduated in 2018 with an ATAR of 98.20 so I am still fresh with the content of these VCE courses as well as being knowledgable. I am currently doing a double degree in chemical engineering and applied chemistry at RMIT.

I really enjoy these subjects that I tutor, holding a great passion for each one. It will be my duty to pass on this passion to my students to get them engaged and interested in learning the subject. Once the student is passionate, teaching them will be more efficient and enjoyable, making it fun and engaging.

I hold strong grounds on learning not by only notes but also understanding the reason behind it even if it means going beyond the curriculum and not limiting one’s knowledge. I believe it is not good enough to just know the topic but you must also be able to apply it and understand the bases of it to fully grasp it and that is my goal whenever I tutor any student.

I am confident in my knowledge, patient with the students and enthusiastic about tutoring these subjects.

I am flexible in my timetable so nothing is set in concrete yet, times and locations are negotiable. I will do my best to try and accommodate to the required times.


I tutor around Braybrook and Sunshine mostly but am able to diverge if the area is close by such as Footscray.

I also tutor in the CBD if more convenient for some students.

I charge $35 per hour for one on one tutoring and $30 for group tutoring. I only tutor in person at local libraries or study centers.

I have a valid working with children check.


"Long has been extremely helpful for my son during the lead up tp the exams. He was excellent in working through difficult topics." - Leanne, Parent