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About Lily

Hi! Thank you for visiting my profile. I am a first year student at the University of Melbourne with a passion for knowledge and learning. I have lived in Japan, England and Australia and always enjoy meeting and inspiring new students from all backgrounds.

Me and My Qualifications

I completed the HSC in 2015 with an ATAR score of 98 and a score of 49/50 in English. I also achieved a score of 46/50 in Japanese Language. I have always enjoyed working with students to achieve their study goals and assisting in any way possible to help them succeed.

Since finishing the HSC, I have left my hometown of Sydney for Melbourne, where I have assisted and interacted with many VCE students of different backgrounds. In particular, I have been involved with the editing of expression in high school and university essays, working closely with Chinese and Japanese students. Through this, I have come to understand that every student has a particular style and approach to study, and am able to adapt myself in turn to achieve their true potential. I believe that understanding my students is the key to helping them achieve the best result possible.

My specialties are in English and Japanese. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these subjects as a student and hope to bring some of this to my students, as well as the results I managed to achieve in each course. I have a passion for creativity as well as Japanese culture, and therefore make sure my lessons are engaging and inspiring for the students.

I have a solid knowledge of essay requirements and other components in the English course, including short answer questions and textual analysis. For Japanese, I am experienced in teaching many levels of the language and hope to connect students simultaneously with the culture in order to achieve maximum engagement.

Tutoring Approach: I am an enthusiastic and engaging tutor who is deeply committed to inspiring students and guiding them to their desired results. I take into account student’s personal needs and adapt myself accordingly to best suit them. My belief is that every student is imparted with unique ideas and capabilities, and that it is my job to help them realise this potential and translate it into their studies. By developing this confidence in my students, I hope to have them fully prepared to undertake their final exam and achieve outstanding results.

Availability, Location and Charge: I am available for the whole day every Tuesday and Friday weekly, Thursday from 2:30 pm and throughout the weekend. Further availabilities are subject to my course but I will do my best to accommodate your preferred schedule. 

For English, I charge only $45 an hour, or $40 for a Skype session if that suits better. For Japanese, I charge $50 an hour or $35 per person for group sessions.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing what services I can offer in your study journey!

Interested in hiring Lily to be your tutor?

Lily L – HSC Japanese, HSC English & HSC English Literature Tutor