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Liam F

Liam F

Hi there! I’m Liam, a Years 7-10, VCE English (42), VCE English Language (41) & VCE Health and Human Development Tutor (91.60). Get ahead of the VCE pack with a tutor who takes pride in making English fun for you!

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G’day! Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. A little bit about myself, I am a recent graduate of the VCE curriculum (2017) and am proud to say I achieved an ATAR of 91.60. My love for English is evident in my decision to complete both VCE English and VCE English Language, in which I obtained study scores of 42 and 41 respectively. I took great pride in all facets of my schooling, including placing a heavy emphasis on conscientiousness, positivity and resilience (because it does get difficult!).

Away from the academic domains, I am an avid sports fan (too many sports to mention here), as well as trying my hand at novel writing, all in between completing a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) degree at Monash University Clayton.

What I can offer you, in addition to comprehensive and enjoyable lessons tailored to your English needs, is a VCE mentor, one who has been where you are, one who experienced the same feelings of apprehension, doubt and despair at times. As a tutor, I will celebrate your successes with vigour, and seek to work with you on continuous improvement all the way to your very last exam. Finally, I know English is not every student’s cup of tea, so I aim to make the VCE English and English Language curriculum as enjoyable as possible for my students.


I only charge 40 per hour.

I also offer online tutoring.


"Arrived on time, he was pleasant and my son felt comfortable with him." - Michael, Parent

"Liam is a great tutor." - Lucy Parent

"Great first session! I am Yr 12 English Language student and Liam is really helping me already. Definitely going to make it a weekly thing." - Bradley, Student

"After three sessions there appears to be good report and foundations in place to support ongoing development." Kathryn, Parent

"Feedback is very positive. My daughter enjoyed her 1st lesson where she got to meet Liam. Very nice, polite guy , she is looking forward to learn from Liam as much as possible." - Lukrecia, Parent

"My son gets good value. I’d like him to push a little harder too. Thanks Liam!" - Kathryn

"My daughter is now motivated and excelling in her English class. Liam is always on time, polite and professional." - Jo, Parent