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About Lawrence

Hi guys,

My name’s Lawrence and I have been a tutor for almost 14 years now. I obtained an overall ENTER (geez I feel old) of 98.00 and Study Scores all above 45 (Literature: 50, Legal Studies: 48, Global Politics: 48, Psychology: 50) – so rest assured I am a major NERD!

I am currently studying a degree in Bachelors Degree in Arts/Masters in Education (Secondary) through Deakin University (majors in Literary Studies and Indonesian and minors in Philosophy and Sociology). I have also previously studied a double degree in biological science and science (majoring in Mathematics, Genetics and Chemistry).

Over the years I have tutored approximately 120 students in a variety of different subjects and I have had multiple success stories. Many of my students have been accepted into university – one such student was recently accepted into a Law degree at Melbourne University after I increased her average Legal Studies results by 65% (through much blood, sweat and tears).

By now you are probably wondering, how on earth did you do that? The answer is by developing an individualized tutoring program for all my students. Every student learns differently and they all have unique educational goals – my job is to help students achieve these goals and motivate them to become the best that they can be. I want my students to get excited about learning and most importantly to develop the skills required to question everything.

I am highly knowledgeable in all the VCE study designs that I tutor and assess my students abilities through multiple means, such as:

  • In depth discussions on complex topics.
  • Regular pop ‘quizzes’ and revision exercises.
  • Past VCAA exam questions focusing on what examiners are looking for.
  • Applications to real world scenarios.
  • Presentations in Powerpoint, Prezi and VoiceThread.

I try and stay away from the traditional ‘textbook method’ as much as possible to enhance the tutoring sessions and encourage my students to stay awake!

I am currently available any day of the week and as available times may change with the acceptance of new students it is probably best to discuss this with me upon your expression of interest – I will do my best to accommodate for all new students.

I only charge $50 per hour – this prices covers all learning assessments, materials and a FREE study skills session.

I am able to tutor within Frankston and surrounding areas along the Mornington Peninsula . I can either come to you or you can come to me (I am located in Baxter).

I look forward to hearing from you! Until then happy studying my fellow nerds!

Excellent tutor, willing to help & put himself out.

Jenny Parent

Interested in hiring Lawrence to be your tutor?

Lawrence B – Years 7-10, VCE English, Global Politics, Literature, Psychology, Legal Studies, Philosophy and Sociology Tutor