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Kate M

Kate M

Hi! I'm Kate, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, IB English Language and Literature HL, Economics HL, Ab Initio Spanish and Japanese (97.35 ATAR) Tutor. Kate hopes to open students' minds to the world of possibilities to those who work hard and have a passion to improve themselves and the world.

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  • Fill 1Japanese SL or HL
  • Fill 1Spanish SL or HL


I’d love to work with you and find your full potential! Whether you’re a high achiever, struggling to pass, or just want to get better at conversing in Spanish or Japanese, I’m here to help I have experience teaching/tutoring students aged 6 to 60, in-person and online in Japanese, English, Spanish, Environmental Science, and Economics. I love getting to know people and tailoring my teaching to match the learning styles of individual students.

About me:

Kate completed the IB Diploma amongst armadillos and iguanas after receiving a 2-year scholarship to attend the United World College (UWC) of Costa Rica. Kate received an ATAR score of 97.35, particularly enjoying HL Language and Literature (7), HL Economics (6/7), and Ab Initio Spanish (6/7). She received a full scholarship to complete her B.A. at NYU Abu Dhabi and spent semesters abroad in New York and Buenos Aires. Although Australian by descent, Kate grew up in the countryside of Japan. She is a native English and Japanese speaker, and proficient in Spanish. She is currently completing a Master of Environment at the University of Melbourne. Having received scholarships to study on five continents, Kate hopes to open students’ minds to the world of possibilities to those who work hard and have a passion to improve themselves and the world. :)


With current COVID-19 measures, all tutoring will be online. Once re-opened, I’m happy to meet at a cafe or library near Flemington, North Melbourne, or UniMelb campus.

Japanese conversation / ESL support: $50/hr

IB Subjects (English, Economics, Ab Initio Spanish): $55/hr

$10 per additional 20 minutes

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