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“A knowledgeable, relatable and enthusiastic VCE Methods and VCE Specialist and VCE Physics tutor”

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About Justin

Thanks for coming out of your way to have a look at my profile; I’d love it if you could take only a couple of minutes to read about my achievements and why I could be the right physics tutor for you!


Coming fresh out of VCE in 2014 enables me to have a current view of the VCE Physics 3&4 units, enabling me to accurately share all of my knowledge with any students who are willing to succeed.
Attending Highvale Secondary College I was able to achieve a 44 study score for Physics, while also completing Maths Methods and Specialist Maths with study scores of 43 and 45 respectively, which all made a big contribution to my final ATAR of 93.8.

My extensive note taking skills and cheat sheets for SAC’s and final exams were the backbone of my success in physics, where I was regularly able to assist any of my struggling peers with challenging problems. This is when I knew I would enjoy tutoring, through sharing my knowledge with people and helping them achieve their own goals to ensure they succeeded.

I have continued my physics and maths studies into university, completing a double degree; Bachelor of Science and Engineering at Monash University, where I will be majoring in both physics and maths. I clearly have a passion for physics and it is what I want to do in my career, and being able to show students alternative and easy ways of understanding the sometimes difficult physics concepts that often arise in the VCE Physics course is something that I am proud and capable of doing.

My very own set of notes will be available to all students, which are hand written, but currently in the process of being typed up into a small, easy to follow physics course with under 100 pages, that has only the essentials needed for VCE physics; not all of the useless information that big 300+ page textbooks provide, often boring students. A four page cheat sheet is allowed into the final exam, which I have provided with almost the entire physics course across just the four pages. Students will also be able to contact me via email or phone 24/7 with any on-the-spot problems they have and I will contact them as soon as I am able.

Unfortunately, I do only have knowledge in one of the detailed studies (the one I completed during year 12), which is sound. Fortunately though, my knowledge of all other compulsory aspects of the course are extensive and very detailed, and I am very confident that I will be able to assist any student with any problems or difficulties they are having.

Availability: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays. I am flexible, so even if you’re looking at a day I haven’t listed, I’m sure we can work something out!

Location: I live in Knoxfield, which is very close to Westfield Knox Shopping Centre. I am happy to meet at a local library, or travel to your home. Just ask and again, I’m sure we can work something out!

Price: $40 an hour for a private one on one lesson, or $30 an hour per student for a group session. Often learning in a group is better as the best way to learn something is to be able to teach it to your peers! So having a group of 2-4 people in a study group can be extremely beneficial for everyone involved.

Interested in hiring Justin to be your tutor?

Justin T – VCE Methods, VCE Specialist & VCE Physics Tutor