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About Joey

Hey there! Thanks for considering me as an Economics tutor!


I completed the IB Diploma Program in 2015, attaining an ATAR of 95.15 and receiving a score of 6 out of 7 in Higher Level Economics. In addition to this, I also competed and was awarded a distinction in the Australian Economics and Business Studies Competition. I also received awards of merit for this subject as well as IB Indonesian at the end of both year 11 and 12.  I am currently studying Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne with a minor in Economics.

Over the past two years, I have tutored both IB and SACE Economics and students from both curricula have been very pleased with their results and progress. What sets me apart from other tutors is that since I did the IB Diploma, I feel like I can help you see economics from a different perspective. 

Tutoring Approach

I am an engaging and enthusiastic tutor who focuses on discussion and seeing the bigger picture rather than trying to memorise large amounts of detail only to forget it after a test or exam. I want to make learning economics fun and meaningful and in the process, help you improve and do well in school.

Economics as a subject involves a lot of understanding and being able to relate theoretical models to the real world, but I find too many people just focusing on memorising every possible graph or dot point without actually understanding any of it. My IB background helps me to give you a bigger and better understanding of key concepts rather than just being limited to the same few scenarios that are taught in school. While the syllabi are slightly different, I believe that the basics and foundations are the same in any case and I feel that it is most important to have a good grasp on this.

Tutoring Services

If you were to hire me as your tutor, you would gain access to my comprehensive list of materials I used to prepare for my year 12 exams. These include both structured notes and essays for learners who prefer to read and systematically go through each point as well as charts, graphs and mind-maps for those who are visual learners and prefer to learn through pictures (like me!).

You’ll also get my phone number and personal email address if you have any questions or queries outside of a tutoring session and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

My main priority is understanding what your goals are and how we can work on them, whether it be just passing or attaining the best possible study score, I’m here to help you.

Location, availability and costs

I live in the Travancore area but I am in the city almost every day. I am willing to travel to you but as I rely on public transport, the best place for us to meet would be in the CBD. I am available every evening Monday to Friday as well as Saturday afternoon.

My costs are only $45 per hour for private tutoring and $35 per hour for group tutoring (preferably in groups of 2-4 so I can still focus on your individual needs).

I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss what is best for you and what I can offer you!

Joey has been great economics tutor for our son he is able to relate to him and inspire him.

Kathy Paizis Past client

Interested in hiring Joey to be your tutor?

Joey C – Years 7 – 12 & VCE Economics Tutor