Jade M – VCE English, Literature & VCE Legal Studies Tutor

“Eager to share my passion and energy with students to assist them in any way in achieving their goals!”

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About Jade

About me:

Hi there! My name is Jade and I graduated from Braybrook College in 2015 with an atar of 95.  I’m offering tutoring in English (41), Literature (42) and Legal Studies (48).

I am a very sociable, outgoing person with a love for reading, baking and legal studies!

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Law and Literature.  I would love to pass on my knowledge and subject expertise to assist you in achieving your VCE goals. 

Tutoring Approach:

I have experience teaching and running tutorial classes for VCE students, which has taught me how to plan lessons in a fun and engaging manner.  I aim to tailor my sessions to suit the individual student goals and learning preferences, I believe that with the correct mindset and hard work that any student can achieve their desired results.  In all the subjects I provide tutoring in, my students have access to A + study notes, practice questions/exams/SACS and are able to contact me 7 days a week for advice or assistance through email or messaging!

Session will involve:

  • Consolidating knowledge of content and going through any areas of confusion
  • Teaching content from the study design at an earlier stage
  • Study techniques and strategies for tacking SAC’S and practice exams
  • Going through and doing practice questions, exams and quizzes
  • Giving advice about under taking exams/sacs and how to deal with the stress of VCE
  • Focusing on each individual student’s area of improvement and focusing on building up their confidence and knowledge

Legal Studies (UNITS 3&4)

Legal Studies was by far my favourite subject of my VCE experience, and I would love to use my passion to assist you to making what comes across as a content heavy subjects as interesting and perhaps even fun! As Legal Studies dux of my school I believe that basing my tutoring around understanding the core content and applying it to practice questions is crucial in achieving success and satisfaction.

I specialise in:

  1. Assisting students in understanding key concepts and definitions
  2. Familiarising students with legal terminology, case studies and metalanguage
  3. Creating and going through exam styled questions and structuring high scoring responses

English and Literature (UNITS 3&4):

I am familiar with the new (2016-2020) study design and am willing to familiarise myself with student’s individual texts.

I specialise in:

  1. Improving expression, grammar and vocabulary
  2. Assisting in exploring more complex ideas
  3. Analysing and evaluating character and themes and incorporating them into written works
  4. Structuring and correction of essays
  5. Editing and crafting creative essays that fit the individual and provided text
  6. Analysing a persuasive piece and developing ability to create strong arguments


I am located in Sunshine North, but attend University in the City 3 days a week. You are welcome to come to my house in Sunshine North or I am happy to meet at the State Library or Sunshine Library.  I am also willing to agree on another location if that suits you better!

Other information:

I charge just 45 dollars per hour lesson, which includes copies and access to my notes, correction of exams/essay and available assistance 7 days a week (with a promise to return any messages within 24 hours). I’m also available to tutor small groups (up to 6 students), charging 35 dollars per student when in group sessions.

Interested in hiring Jade to be your tutor?

Jade M – VCE English, Literature & VCE Legal Studies Tutor