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Jacky T

Jacky T

Hi! I'm Jacky, a Years 7 - 10 & HSC Maths, General Maths, & Maths Ext 1 & 2 tutor, and I encourage my students to study smarter not harder!

  • Fill 1Maths Extension 2
  • Fill 1Maths Extension 1
  • Fill 1Advanced Maths / Maths (2U)
  • Fill 1Standard Maths


Welcome! Thanks for considering me as your potential tutor!

I achieved a Band 6 in both Extension 1 Mathematics and Extension 2 Mathematics. Clearly, I believe maths is my strong point. However, I do also offer tutoring services for all areas of science from Years 7-12 as I attained a rank in the top 10 within my cohort for HSC Chemistry. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies degree at Macquarie University.

Everyone should have a social life apart from studying and I am a person who encourages students to study smart and not study hard. You will gain a stronger understanding of what you need to prepare for in order to achieve the highest exam marks. I would always clarify any upcoming assessments you have so that I understand what we really should be working on. Most importantly, I will share with you shortcuts and advice that will help you manage your time more effectively.

If you have questions at any point during the week, you would be able to contact me freely via my mobile or email. My students not only have referred to me as a great tutor but also a very useful mentor in helping them with other areas in life. I understand people put in a vast amount of time to help me and I believe it would be great for me to pass on that knowledge and experience to my students.


I live in the area of Carlingford and would be able to drive to your preferred location.

I am someone who has a genuine interest in helping students and ultimately, I only charge $45 per hour. In a few lessons, I am confident you will learn certain techniques that will allow you to excel in not just mathematics, but all of your subjects.


"Jacky is a very responsible tutor, he finds the difficulties of Edward and solve these on each lesson. Edward likes Jacky ‘s explanation and he is very concentrating on the lesson even it is the online class. We are confident Edward will have a big improvement on math subject at school in the coming new school term." - Liz, Parent