Grace B – Primary School, Years 7-10, VCE French, IB French B (SL or HL) and IB Chemistry (SL or HL) Tutor

I am energetic, compassionate, patient and encouraging.

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About Grace


Hi! I’m Grace. Thanks for taking the time to have a look through my profile. I graduated high school in 2018 with my IB diploma, receiving a score of 44/45 (ATAR equivalent 99.85). I scored 7s (the highest possible result for a subject in IB) in Chemistry HL and French B HL among other subjects. This year I am commencing a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and a Bachelor of Commerce at Monash University.

I would like to offer tutoring for Chemistry (IB SL or HL) and French (IB SL or HL, VCE, high school or primary school). These subjects were two of my strongest results (both high 7s), and I truly believe it was my passion and genuine interest in them that motivated me to perform as well as I did. I tutor to be able to pass on my enthusiasm and to instil a greater sense of confidence in students. I am compassionate, energetic, patient and encouraging. It is important to me to develop a friendship and a sense of trust with my students to ensure they feel completely at ease during our sessions. I am organised and provide a lot of my own resources depending on the student’s needs and ability.

I would love to be able to assist with your Chemistry or French tutoring needs!


I am located in Hawthorn East. I am happy to tutor at your home if it is local to me, although depending on distance I may add $5 to my rate to account for petrol costs and travel time. I can also tutor at Kew or Hawthorn libraries, or in a library at the Monash Clayton campus.

My rate is $50 per hour for IB and VCE tutoring, and $40 per hour for primary and high school tutoring.

I am available on Mondays and Thursdays and from 7pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (my availability is greater if you are able to come to the Monash Clayton campus). I also have some availability on weekends if that suits better.

Feel we struck gold with Grace. Her passion for Chemistry shines through to her lessons and her tutoring style motivates my daughter. Grace teaches novel ways to remember tricky components and her explanations make it easy to bridge any knowledge gaps my daughter has. We are very happy with the tutoring lessons 🙂

Tracey Parent

Interested in hiring Grace to be your tutor?

Grace B – Primary School, Years 7-10, VCE French, IB French B (SL or HL) and IB Chemistry (SL or HL) Tutor