Gleb S – VCE Maths Methods, Specialist & VCE Physics Tutor

As a tutor my main aim is to enable students to achieve their best possible result through the developing an individualised leaning program for each student.

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About Gleb

About me

Hi, My name is Gleb. I’m a recent VCE graduate (2015) who achieved an ATAR of 94.50. In the process I achieved an award for high achievement in mathematics and physics. Now as a tutor I am determined to bring all my expertise and enthusiasm to help students tackle VCE maths and physics in the most efficient way possible.


I achieved high results in Mathematical Methods CAS 46.09/50,  Specialist mathematics 45.30/50 and physics 40.58/50. My success I’m mathematics and physics is compounded by my enthusiasm towards these subjects.

Ultimately what is most important when studying mathematics and physics in particular, it is essential to be able to relate mathematical content to real world problems. That won’t only help student in the tricker worded problems in the exam, but also provide a more holistic education.  I will be able to target this aspect of education specifically with my education in mathematical physics.

I already have more then 2 years of turning experience in secondary schools and tutoring franchises.

I’m happy to tutor students of all ages, be that primary-aged students to one’s in Year’s 11/12

Location, availability and costs

I am currently available Monday, Thursday and Friday after school hours. I will allocate more time within my schedule if it is needed.

I charge 40$/hour and charge 10$ for travel if it is a timely factor. I very happy to look at students work outside of the sessions.

I am able in all Southern- eastern suburbs and the CBD.

Interested in hiring Gleb to be your tutor?

Gleb S – VCE Maths Methods, Specialist & VCE Physics Tutor