Giordan D – VCE English Language Tutor

“English Language is one of the most exciting subjects and it is my enthusiasm and passion for the subject that tends to inspire my students”

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About Giordan

About Me

Hi there! My name is Giordan Dalla Riva and I graduated from Scotch College in 2014. I successfully completed my studies with an ATAR score of 94.00 and a study score of 42 in English Language.

From 2015 to the present, I have had the pleasure of tutoring a number of students from various schools in English Language across both year 11 and 12 levels. This involves teaching a diverse range of students, each with varying goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Languages have always been my passion, having studied German and Chinese for over six years including at VCE level. The various skills I acquired from learning these languages have transposed into my English language studies, enabling me to convey difficult linguistic concepts to my students with ease.

In addition to this, English Language is one of the most fascinating subjects. I have found that my enthusiasm and passion for this subject have inspired many of my past students. This, coupled with my tutoring experience and easy-going personality, means my lessons are proactive and engaging.

My Goals

My ultimate goal for each student is to assist them as much as possible so that they achieve their very best.

In my experience, I have found that many schools aren’t focusing on the vital elements of the course. My objective here is to focus students on the important aspects of the course and ensure they are well-prepared for all their assessment tasks.

Access to Resources

In line with my experience, I have developed an extensive database of resources. This includes notes on metalinguistic concepts and grammar, revision guides & lectures, practise essay responses, discourse analyses, course overviews and more.

Availability & Timing

I am fairly flexible with availability and am happy to discuss a time which suits us both. I tutor from Monday to Friday and tend to do so in the evening.

Private/Group Tutoring & Location

I am available for both private and group tutoring, which can be done in my own home or at another agreed location.

In keeping with my experience and range of resources to which my students have access, I charge $50 per hour for private sessions and $35 per student per hour for group sessions. The hourly rate also incorporates the opportunity to ask questions during the week and submitting work for me to read and provide feedback.

Please contact me to discuss obtaining a position in 2019 – places are limited.

Relate well with student which enhances her motivation to learn.They are both reliable and punctual. They run through corrected work/sacs outlining techniques and strategies that could be included for better outcomes. They are both very willing to assist with extra notes that they may have at home. they both have patience and show a genuine interest in wanting the student to achieve her potential.

My grandson is doing really well and improving his work for VCE. We are very happy with Giordan.

Deborah Grandparent

Big thanks to Giordan for his consistent availability and encouragement of George.

Sue Past Parent

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Giordan to us. We are so pleased with Zara’s progress, which is largely due to Giordan’s tutoring techniques.

Nili Parent

Interested in hiring Giordan to be your tutor?

Giordan D – VCE English Language Tutor