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Enakshi M

Enakshi M

Hi! I'm Enakshi, a Years 7 - 10, SACE Maths Methods, Chemistry, Physics, English, English Literature, Music Theory and UMAT/UCAT Preparation Tutor (96.35). I’m a friendly and reliable tutor recognised for excellence in developing rapport with students and establishing fun learning environments.

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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

I currently study the Bachelor of Health and Medical Science (advanced) at the University of Adelaide. I studied Mathematical methods, Chemistry, Physics, and English literature in year 12 and graduated with an ATAR of 96.35 (2018). I also studied for the UCAT in 2019 and scored in the 92nd percentile.

I’m a friendly and reliable High School Tutor recognised for excellence in developing rapport with students and establishing fun learning environments. Comfortable working with students individually and in small groups. Organised and hardworking with a solid history of helping students reach goals.

Willing to do regular tuition as well as individual drafting work for English and science essays/assignments.

Tutoring services

Subjects I tutor:

– Mathematics (year 7-10)

-Mathematical methods (year 10-11)

-Chemistry (year 10-12)

-Physics (year 10-12)

-General English (year 7-12)

-English Literature (year 11-12)

-Music theory (year 7-11)


-Medical and Dentistry interviews

As a tutor I aim to:

– Create personalised lesson plans, guides, timetables to meet goals identified in students’ individualised study plans

– Created personalised assessments and worked examples to evaluate and boost student knowledge

– Apply effective learning strategies to improve students’ study skills and retention

– Craft effective learning plans to address students’ weaknesses and strengths

– Support teacher instruction by discussing concepts and creating custom practice questions

– Collaborate with students to complete homework assignments, identify lagging skills and correct weaknesses

– Offer complete instructional support for students unable to attend regular classes

– Structure activities for interactive learning, including word analysis, reading understanding and fluency skills

– Evaluate and documented student progress and behaviour, recommending tactics to improve tutoring effectiveness

– Educate students on study tips and exam strategies

– Collaborate with parents to create tutoring sessions appropriate for student’s age, learning preference and learning style

– Assist children with daily homework tasks by uncovering and removing obstacles to success

– Administer feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage and build confidence

– Provide early intervention assistance to struggling students to boost understanding and performance

– Keep abreast of the latest information on specific subjects and learning strategies

– Encourage the development of learning skills in addition to subject knowledge

– Meet with students and discussed educational goals and expectations to initiate success strategies

– Come to all sessions with advanced knowledge of topics and plan of instruction


I am located in North Adelaide and I’m willing to travel a 10km radius to a clients house. Alternative options include meeting up in a public library or the university. I do individual tutoring, small groups of 2-3 students, as well as online tutoring.

My hourly rates range from $25-75 depending on the year level and subject so feel free to contact me for more information.