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Delaram S

Delaram S

Hi! I'm Delaram, a grade 5upwards, Years 7-10 and QCE English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Humanities and Maths A&B Tutor. The thing I enjoy most is helping the student finally understand something because it is a very rewarding experience.

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Hi my name is Del and I am a current UQ student studying a Bachelor of Science. I graduated highschool in 2019 with an OP 2 and top of chemistry, physics and biology. I consistently have achieved A’s in English and Mathematics. I have experience with different types of tutoring and am able to adapt to my student’s needs and strengths.

What are my strengths as a tutor?

My patience, my empathy and my listening skills. I have a lot of experience with getting help other people and from that, I have learned about what type of tutor I want to be to my students. I am also very hardworking and I am always ready to learn myself, so if there are any areas where my expertise needs sharpening, I am always ready to improve.

What Do I Enjoy Most About Tutoring

The thing I enjoy most is helping the student finally understand something because it is a very rewarding experience. I know what it is like to be stuck and feel like its futile to try and solve a difficult problem so I would love to help out the student.

Most Important Things I can do for a Student

The most important thing a tutor can give to his/her student is confidence. The confidence to know that whatever the problem is. There is no point trying to avoid it when if you work hard enough and practice enough with the right help, you will be able to solve problems on your own. Eventually the student does not need the tutor as a crutch if the tutor is a good tutor.



I am based in Springfield Central/Spring Mountain. I am available to tutor in person the following locations:

Springfield, Springfield Central, Redbank, Collingwood Park, Spring Mountain, Augustine heights, Brookwater, Bellbird, Forest Lake

I also offer online tutoring via Learnmate’s online learning platform.

My rate is $45/hour

I am available to tutor Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons but I can also tutor within school hours (on those days) if the student is being homeschooled. I also offer Friday evenings. Weekends are not available.