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Christina S

Christina S

Hello! I’m Christina, a Primary School English and Maths Tutor, and I'm here to help you succeed in your studies.

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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I am a student at Western Sydney University studying a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Teaching, hoping to complete my masters by 2023. Throughout high-school I have achieved significantly highly in the subjects of Mathematics and Advanced English and received overall honours awards as I graduated.

My passion is being a guide to younger generations and building up the confidence in young people so that they can adopt the skills needed to achieve tasks on their own. I have extensive experience with working with children especially in the education field as I used to actively participate in teaching Sunday School lessons and I also currently work as a kids’ basketball coach which naturally involves a teaching dynamic, so I have a great understanding of how to be an effective teacher.

My aim as a tutor is to ensure that the student is effectively absorbing knowledge, comprehending the subjects at hand and most importantly gaining the skills to be able to do so at any time and place. I’m very outgoing, engaging and understanding of the needs of younger children. You can rest assured that I will cater to the needs of the student and not simply apply a default method of tutoring with every child as each individual has different needs and learns differently.

I am always prepared with the current syllabus content for both primary Mathematics and English and will provide students with an array of resources.

In regards to schedule, I am very flexible and will always try my best to accommodate you to my schedule.


Lessons are offered either face to face or online. Let me know which is most convenient for you.

Online or Face to Face: $40

Groups of 2 – $35 per hour

Groups of 3 – $30 per hour

Please do feel free to contact me to discuss my availability and times that suit you best.