Bill S – Primary School, Years 7 – 10 English, Maths, History, Science, HSC Chemistry, HSC Biology, HSC Modern History, HSC History Extension, HSC English Advanced and HSC English Extension 1 Tutor

I firmly believe with the right guidance and mentality, I will be able to bring out your full potential and help you achieve consistent success!

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About Bill


Hello! My name is Bill and I’m a university student currently enrolled in Veterinary Medicine at Sydney University. I’m passionate about academics and I’m a bit of a junky for the rush that comes with helping students improve their academic abilities. With over a year of experience as a private independent tutor, I’m able to tutor English, Maths, History and Science to primary and high school-aged students as well as HSC Biology (band 6), Chemistry (band 6), English (up to Extension 1) (band 6/E4), Modern History (band 6), and Extension History (band E4) to year 11-12 HSC students.

I personally guarantee that all the lessons I prepare will be specifically catered to the student’s specific strengths, weaknesses, and requests and that I will try my best to make efficient use of all time spent to together to ensure that our lessons are pragmatic and effective. I believe in the absolute necessity of a positive learning environment which provides an escape for students from the stresses and shortcomings of mass education where they might feel intimidated, devalued, or simply unattended to and my hope is that I leave all my students with a lasting love for learning and positive outlook on their own abilities. All my students receive instruction not only in curriculum and course content but are also supplied with essential guidance in thought processes and study strategies which are imperative to success in all levels of schooling. Additionally, I have spent a number of years in Taiwan and China and I have experience helping students transition from international schooling curriculums to the Australian system.

If you’re an HSC student looking for a tutor you came to the right place! I achieved an ATAR of 99.25 in my HSC with a band 6 result in Modern History, Advanced English, Chemistry and Biology and a band E4 result (band 6 equivalent) in English Extension 1 and History Extension. I graduated dux of my year from St George Christian School with awards for distinguishment in Creative Writing, History and Science, and, as a recipient of an HSC all-rounder award, I can competently tutor both STEM and HSIE HSC subjects. With unique experience and success in the new English, History, and Science curriculums, I can step you through how to achieve the HSC results that you need. Let me prove to you that those all too elusive marks that you need are actually well within your grasp. For students studying year 11 or 12 HSC Biology, Chemistry, English advanced or extension 1, Modern history or History extension, I can provide:

* An invaluable collection of personal notes, sample papers and assessments that helped me succeed
* Knowledge of and tips for the new HSC Science, English and History syllabi which most tutors have not experienced personally
* Practice papers and exercises specifically adapted for the student’s unique needs
* Critical analysis of and detailed feedback on student work including assessments and exams
* Over-the-phone support 7 days a week when available!


I am based in Narwee and Camperdown and operate all around the Hurstville-Bankstown and Inner-City area. I can come to you or offer remote lessons over skype. I have a flexible schedule so contact me with your availabilities and preferences

  • Remote lessons (Skype) – $40 per hour
  • In-home individual tutoring – $48 per hour
  • Group tutoring (groups of 2-3) – $35 per hour per person

Interested in hiring Bill to be your tutor?

Bill S – Primary School, Years 7 – 10 English, Maths, History, Science, HSC Chemistry, HSC Biology, HSC Modern History, HSC History Extension, HSC English Advanced and HSC English Extension 1 Tutor