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Benjamin A

Benjamin A

Hi! I'm Benjamin, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 Maths, English and Science, VCE General, Methods, Further & Specialist Maths, Chemistry and Physics (99.95 ATAR) Tutor. I'll teach you everything you need to know in a quarter of the time it usually takes to learn difficult subjects in a crowded and unfocused classroom environment.

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Hi! My name is Ben and I’m offering high school tuition and private tutoring for years 7-12 in the subjects of Maths (Methods and Specialist), Chemistry, Physics and English. I am very familiar with all of these subjects, and have a unique ability to teach them at a highly fundamental level.

I am extremely passionate about helping students to learn, and am most specialised in the following areas:

Years 7-10: Maths, English and Science

Years 11 and 12: English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

All years: Exam preparation and assignment help

I graduated from Brisbane Boys’ College in 2019 with an OP1 and ATAR 99.95. Throughout my high school tenure, I have received straight A’s and A+’s in all of my subjects, and I’ve helped my friends do the same.

Whoever you are, I know I can do the same for you. Even if you have no idea what is happening in any of your classes, I’ll teach you everything you need to know in a quarter of the time it usually takes to learn difficult subjects in a crowded and unfocused classroom environment.


I believe that the most integral essence of successful tutoring is the trust relationship you build with a student. In my experience, this not only allows learning to occur more fluidly and successfully, but also makes sessions fun. This trust relationship is something that I constantly strive to bring to the table.


As your tutor, I will assess your current level of understanding, whether you want to work from the ground up or work directly on answering questions. I will closely follow your work to identify gaps in your knowledge, and catch and correct any misunderstandings. I will teach each concept at a fundamental level until you gain a confident grasp of them. At the end of tutoring, you can be confident that you have learnt, practiced and mastered each concept and are ready to ace the exam.


If you want a head start over your classmates, I can also teach you everything you need to know over the holidays before school even starts. I will share with you my study system and huge bank of resources accumulated over the years.


Give me a chance, and I will turn you into a productivity machine. I’ll help you get A’s in your assignments, and I’ll put you on the path of exam domination. If your grades don’t improve with my support, you get your money back. That’s how confident I am that I can help you.

Enough about my situation though! I want to hear about yours! Please feel free to send me a message anytime and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Parents, if you are interested in starting off 2020 with some exceptional tutoring for your son or daughter, give me a call.

Often times, the typical classroom environment just isn’t conducive to true, conceptual learning and understanding. Many average and even high-achieving students will never reach their full academic and career-path potential because of a educational system which does not embrace, or even prioritise, one-on-one, student-tailored learning. That’s what I bring to the table.

I understand that tutoring may feel like a heavy investment in your son or daughter’s future. I understand it may feel expensive or unnecessary, but trust me: every cent invested in student-tailored learning is worth it when it comes to your child’s career options and their potential earnings in the future. In other words, every dollar bill invested in tutoring goes out into the world. makes friends with other dollar bills and comes back home with a 6 or 7 figure salary.


English VH9 (A+) 1st in Cohort

Chemistry VH8 (A+) 1st in Cohort

Maths C VH9 (A+) 2nd in Cohort

Maths B VH8 (A+) 2nd in Cohort

Physics VH7 (A+) 2nd in Cohort

Chinese VH10 (A+) 1st in Cohort

Academic Excellence Award 2019

Academic Scholar 2019

Academic Proficiency Award 2019

Australian Institute of Physics: Excellence in Physics Award

Academic Dux 2016

Melbourne and Sydney Chancellor’s Scholar 2020

Perfect ATAR of 99.95

Guaranteed Doctor of Medicine Entry and Scholarships to all Australian universities


Year 12 completed in 2019.

Mark achieved: 99.95.

Currently studying Bachelor of Biomedicine at The University of Melbourne.


Running by the river

Personal fitness

Listening to audiobooks

Writing literature

Playing football

Learning how to teach better

Reading scientific articles on cancer research

Planning, organising and dreaming about the future


Travel policy

We can meet at a mutually convenient location, but I am also happy to provide in-home tutoring. I can travel within a reasonable distance from where I live. Send me a message if you’re not sure, and we can work something out together.

Costs & Availability

I am available throughout the school semester and during school holidays. My availability is dependent on time slots allocated to other clients, but please get in touch with me and we can find times that are convenient for the both of us.

I charge 60/hr for my services. This rate is reflective of my incredible breadth of knowledge across multiple subjects and my innate ability to explain topics and concepts at a fundamental and easy-to-understand level. I am able to help in multiple areas, and I have never had an unsatisfied customer. My students learn twice as fast and twice as well as they would with any other tutor or teacher. Guaranteed.