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About Ayman


I’m Ayman, and I graduated in 2015, at the top of my class, with a score of 40 (translates to an ATAR of 98.75).

I understand how intimidating IB can be, with assignments, studies, and those core subjects hitting you left, right, and centre. As a tutor, I aim to commit myself to make the IB simpler to grasp with lessons tailored specifically to you. Don’t hesitate to let me give you a head start on those daunting IAs and exams!


In IB, I studied 4 Higher Level subjects (Biology, Chemistry, English, and Psychology), and two Standard Level subjects (Mathematics, and French). Of these, I offer to tutor four subjects – Chemistry HL/SL (scored 7/7), Biology HL/SL (scored 6/7), and Mathematics SL (scored 6/7). I also provide assistance in ToK essays, and Extended Essays in Biology. I got a 10/10 in my ToK essay and scored an A in my Biology EE (those of you looking for this, read the end of the Lessons section!). I personally enjoyed IB, and would love to share my knowledge with other students. It can be difficult to juggle the workload IB brings, and my job is to elevate that pressure, making sure that all my students have a clear understanding of all the concepts in a manner that is the right amount of intense and fun.

I’m currently a third-year student at Monash University studying Biomedical Science. I’ve always had a passion for the natural sciences especially Biology and Chemistry, and my years at university have reinforced that knowledge. This, combined with my skills in English and Mathematics, gives me the knowledge and assets I can provide for you to succeed. I have experience tutoring other IB students, ensuring that my past students have scored at least a high 5 or a 6 in the subject they were struggling with.

LESSONS – The How?

I have heard many students complain that IB Biology and Chemistry (especially at HL) are too saturated with a lot of content, which often leads to students confused and unsure about what they know. My approach to this is breaking the complex terminology and concepts you come across into simpler examples relevant to you which makes it easy for you to comprehend. I believe biology isn’t inherently difficult – as everything can be applied to your very own body. Likewise, Chemistry is quite interesting too – it applies to everything around us. What makes a good science tutor stand out is the ability to relate complex scientific phenomena into something more relevant to the student. Personally, I find Mathematics as a skill to be honed. Understandably, the formulae, the letters, and calculus can be very difficult to wrap your mind around, but all of Mathematics is based on underlying relationships, and my aim in Mathematics is to familiarise my students with those relationships – trust me, there is no better feeling than when the letters finally start making sense!

My lessons will follow a simple, yet efficient structure.

Pre-lesson: I start off with a few learning objectives (which can be revisited and used for revision) that summarize the lesson to come.

During Lesson: This usually involves going through concepts either on paper or electronically. With Biology and Chemistry, I have learnt that having a visual almost always aids better understanding. I will make PowerPoint visuals and slides on topics (based on necessity) and will go through with them in class. After class, I will be forwarding those annotated slides for your revision.

Post-Lesson: I usually come up with a set of Multiple-Choice Questions and short answer questions for you to test your knowledge. Answers will be provided in the following lesson. This works out to be great revision.

Additional to this, I will be providing my students with links to many animations, question banks, and videos to aid their learning.

Regarding ToK and EE help, my lessons include one hour of initial contact during which we can discuss ideas and structure of the essays. After an essay has been drafted, I would prefer the draft to be emailed to me. After I have read the draft thoroughly, the draft will be sent back, graded as per the rubric, and with detailed comments and annotations pointing at where you can make improvements.


I live on-campus Monash University, Clayton, and can travel and tutor across the South and Eastern Suburbs. Furthermore, I live in a dorm, and can also host lessons, either in my room or the common study lounge. The days I’m available are Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and the weekends. I usually have a very versatile timetable as my students are my responsibility, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you require a shift in the hours and I will try my best to accommodate the change.

For students living too far away, I also provide my services over Skype.


I have a valid Working with Children’s Check, and I am willing to tutor children of all ages! Although, my primary focus will be on IB students.

As a tutor, I can provide online and phone support 7 days of the week! I always make it a point to reply to my students before I sleep, so if you have any questions bothering you throughout the week, please feel free to contact me. I also provide my own class notes, carefully annotated by me, and revision quizzes with answers. I am also familiar with the type of questions IB asks, and provide practice exam questions based on necessity. I grade both, the revision quizzes and the practice exams and provide feedback. 

I only charge $42 per hour of tutoring, with the first half an hour of the first lesson completely free! This is because the time will be spent familiarising and getting comfortable in a learning environment (this allows me to tailor the following lessons specifically to the student). An additional $10 surcharge will be applied, should travel time exceed more than half an hour, however, in the case that you live far away and would still like me to be your tutor, I also provide sessions over Skype.

Regarding EE, ToK (and as per necessity IA) help, I charge $25 for the initial session, and only 30$ for every review thereafter.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me today so that I can help you achieve those scores you’ve always wanted!

You can also contact me anytime if you have any questions that you wish to be clarified.

Ayman can relate exceptionally well with students. He is very focused, and has a clear methodology of teaching. Every interaction with him is an inspiration to my son, who finds him awe inspiring. My son is an only child, and I am glad we have found Ayman who not only is an efficient tutor, but also (quite unintentionally) serves as a role model for him.

Thank you LearnMate!

Linda Parent

Interested in hiring Ayman to be your tutor?

Ayman H – IB Biology, Chemistry, EE, ToK, and IB Maths Tutor