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Aric L

Aric L

Hi! I'm Aric, a VCE Unit 1-4 Chemistry and VCE Unit 1-4 Further Mathematics. I ensure that I always tailor my lessons to each student because everyone learns differently and it is important to learn the way you are most comfortable with for the best results!

  • Fill 1Chemistry
  • Fill 1Further Maths


Hi everyone!

I am Aric Lim. I graduated from Glen Waverley Secondary College in 2018 with an ATAR of 99.65. This year I will be providing tuition lessons for Further Mathematics and Chemistry, of which I received raw 50s in both subjects (2018). I am currently in my second year of Bachelor of Biomedicine at Monash University. I would say that Chemistry and Further Mathematics were the 2 favourite subjects during my time in VCE and I have great passion for them, I strongly believe that having passion for the subject you are doing is the best way to excel in that subject. This is also why I am offering tutoring for both these subjects because I really want to spread the love for Chemistry and Further Mathematics to my students so they not only score well, but enjoy themselves whilst studying so that they can make the most out of it.

In 2019 itself, I have provided over 200 hours worth of Chemistry and Further Mathematics tuition to students. I really trust that everyone and anyone have the ability to succeed in both these subjects as long as they are willing to PUT IN THE WORK. So not only will I teach you the content, I will really try to push you to your limit to achieve the success you desire! More than that, I ensure that I always tailor my lessons to each student because everyone learns differently and it is important to learn the way you are most comfortable with for the best results!


I aim to help you understand the challenging concepts in chemistry such as: galvanic/electrolysis, equilibrium, organic chemistry that people often get stumbled upon, build up confidence and technique in answering 4-6 marker questions on the exam. If possible I even hope to help you breakthrough the idea that chemistry is impossible to do well in but more importantly to assist you guys to really build a strong passion in chemistry as that is one of the most effective ways to succeed in the subject. More than that, I always try to simplify my explanations of key concepts via dot points and diagrams because I have always been a visual learner and from my experience, it makes memorisation and understanding much easier!


Further is often a subject people look down upon and deemed it to be ‘easy’. Truth is, it is not! What most people don’t understand is that further is not so much about memorising the content or solving the hardest/trickiest questions, but rather to succeed in this subject you will need various key skills such as cutting down silly mistakes, understanding the type of questions asked, filtering what is important and what isn’t (rather than studying for everything) which will all help you maximise your score. Thus tutoring further with me is not just about learning the content but about adopting a certain mindset that will help you achieve that RAW 50


I will provide:

  • Exam/additional questions
  • Resources that can explain challenging/unfamiliar concepts in a different way that might just be what you need to “get it”.
  • Comprehensive notes that explains each topic in detail

Moreover, I start all my students on exam style questions from day 1. But most importantly, I make my lessons FUN, INTERESTING, ENGAGING and encourage students to always take on the challenge of solving the difficult questions themselves first then asking for help! There are HEAPS of opportunities for students to ask questions and to learn from their peers.

Thank you for taking your time to look through my profile, if you think I may suit your needs, do not hesitate to contact me!

Good luck everyone!


My location

Glen Waverley, Monash University, Syndal and Mount Waverley. I do have my license thus I am able to drive to your place if that is more comfortable with you.

My availability

Most weekdays, Saturday and Sunday

My cost

  • $$65 per hour per student for Chemistry and Further Mathematics (Skype)
  • $$65 per hour for Chemistry and Further Mathematics for individual lessons (in person)
  • $55 per hour per student for Chemistry and Further Mathematics (group lesson of 2-3 students)
  • $50 per hour per student for Chemistry and Further Mathematics (group lesson of 4-5 students)

 The explanation behind my lesson costs:

  • 30% of the cost is paid to LearnMate as a commission fee for their day to day operations.
  • The remainder of the fee goes to updating and revising my own personalised notes that were the main reason for my raw 50 scores in both Chemistry and Further Mathematics.
  • To continue with enhancing my personalised and challenging questions (outside of the textbook) that I create according to VCAA standards
  • To purchase the most up to date third party exam papers such as Insight, Neap, TSSM for my students to use as revision material other than VCAA papers
  • Other costs such as transportation costs of getting to and fro the tutoring location


"All the content Aric has taught me this year has been relevant to my SACs and exam preparation. He has helped me out a lot with the difficult questions by clearly explaining the concepts. Not only that, his teaching style is very clear and concise. Every time I haven’t been sure of a question, Aric has explained it very well and I now understand the mistakes I made." - Jono, Student

"Aric was my Chemistry tutor for year 12. The lessons are highly relevant and succinctly explained in an easy to understand way. He provides very good exam questions and explains them well. Overall, Aric has explained concepts very well and is able to adapt lessons in a way which is easy to understand." - Angelica, Student

"Aric has been a real help to me for Chemistry. The content he teaches in class is always relevant to what I’m doing. Despite of COVID lockdown, Aric was still able to deliver an engaging tutoring experience for me online." - Ranjan, Student

"Aric is an excellent tutor who has really helped me for Chemistry in year 12. I was expecting a 30 raw but instead attained a 41 raw in Chemistry and I could not believe it!" - Luka, Student