Angus C – Years 7 – 12, Maths and Science, VCE Chemistry, Physics, Specialist Maths and VCE Maths Methods Tutor

As a passionate and hardworking science university student, I am committed in helping VCE maths and science students to grow their confidence and achieve their best in an engaging and enjoyable matter

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About Angus

About me and qualifications:

I am a recent SACE graduate (2016) from Adelaide, South Australia who achieved an ATAR of 99.85 and received three subject merits (top 2% or above in subject). I am currently completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne residing at Trinity College, and am very familiar with the VCE science and maths courses.

I achieved high results across my science and maths subjects in SACE and would like to pass my skills, expertise and knowledge onto future VCE students. My subject results include:

  • Specialist mathematics:

20/20 (A+ with merit)

  • Mathematical studies (equivalent to VCE mathematical methods):

19.8/20 (A+ with merit)

  • Physics:

19.8/20 (A+ with merit)

  • Chemistry:

19.4/20 (A)

I am very familiar with the VCE maths and science courses and am currently completing university level maths, physics and chemistry at the University of Melbourne.

Throughout high school, I quickly began to learn that there are two main ways to succeed in maths and science (or any subject for that matter), and I hope to pass these two crucial learning elements onto my students:

  1. A love of learning and passion for the subject: As I tutor I hope to foster a love of learning in my students and watch them become both skilled and extremely enthusiastic in their studies. Such an approach encourages a deep understanding of the subject (as opposed to a ‘rote learning’ tactic), and makes studying enjoyable and effortless.
  2. An ability to work hard and persist: I have the strong belief that any student, regardless of their past academic talent or perceived intelligence, can achieve strong results in a subject if they are willing to work hard and put the time and dedication into their studies. As a tutor, I hope to instill a desire in my students to improve on past results and develop sound study habits.

I am happy to tutor in Maths and Science to students of any age, but have more experience in the following subject areas:

  • Year 11/12 Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods
  • Year 11/12 Chemistry
  • Year 11/12 Physics

Location, availability and costs:

I am available all days of the week and will try my best to accommodate to a student’s time request.

I charge only $50 per hour and am happy for students to send me questions or assignment pieces to look over if they have an upcoming assessment.

I live in Parkville, Melbourne and am happy to tutor in suburbs within relatively close proximity to the city.

Such a supportive and positive tutor, I really felt motivated to push myself and study more, I wouldn’t been able to get through the year without him! His great understanding of the course work and his easy explanations helped me to understand the content and genuinely feel interested in it. 11/10 would recommend!

Anne Current Student

My son thinks that he could not find a better tutor than Angus.

Greg Parent

Interested in hiring Angus to be your tutor?

Angus C – Years 7 – 12, Maths and Science, VCE Chemistry, Physics, Specialist Maths and VCE Maths Methods Tutor