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Angela S

Angela S

Hi! I’m Angela, a Primary School, Years 7 - 12, SACE Chinese Continuers (18.6), Research Project (9.8) & SACE English Studies tutor (17.6) and I’m committed to helping my students excel!

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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile.

I’m a recent SACE graduate (2016) who achieved an ATAR of 98.50 in addition to a SACE subject merit award (2015) for Research Project B.

As a tutor who is both passionate about learning and teaching students, I am committed to helping my students excel and achieve successfully high results through fun and engaging, yet studious ways.


In year 12, I studied Chinese Continuers (18.6/20), English Studies (17.6/20), Musicianship (8.4/10) and Music Performance Special Study (8.2/10). I also completed the SACE Stage 2 Research Project B during year 11. Completing these subjects at a high standard allows me to tutor them at a Stage 2 level, or lower.

I am happy to tutor students of all ages, be that primary-aged students to one’s in Year’s 11/12.

My particular passion in the Arts subjects, specifically in Chinese (Continuers) and English (all levels) have always been the driving factor to my success. Despite Chinese being my second language, I believe that my Chinese heritage will be of extra advantage for my students as they will experience a unique learning experience from high levels of both the Chinese and English language!

Having recently come through the SACE myself, I understand the challenges that might come along with balancing study time. Concurrently, I am also able to confidently support students in how to plan and manage effective study skills with a range of helpful resources. In addition to this, I am familiar with the current curriculum for Chinese (Continuers), English Studies and Research Project B and am skilled in the following areas:

  • Analysing and effectively interpreting texts
  • Essay writing and editing
  • Research skills
  • And other vital components of the curriculum


I am available 4-5 days a week at various times (please refer to the times I am able to tutor you) and I will do my best to accommodate you the best I can.

I live in the inner South CBD Unley area, and am able to come to you or we can organise a central meeting place, preferably at the State Library, Adelaide University Hub or Unley Library, if desirable.

I only charge $40 per hour and also hold a valid DCSI check.

If any of these factors, be that location, availability or costs, are an issue, please feel free to contact me and I will try my very best to accommodate your needs!