Andy C – Primary School, Years 7 – 10, HSC English Advanced, Maths Standard, Advanced & Extension 1, Chinese, Physics and Music 2 Tutor

I understand the challenges that the students encounter and would like to help students with their study by making them understand the lessons and contents well, and by sharing my knowledge, experiences and study tips that I gained studying throughout my life.

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About Andy


I completed the HSC in 2020, excelling in all of my subjects. My subjects are listed as follows, and I was part of the all rounders and distinguished achievers list, as published by the Sydney Morning Herald (search Zheng Hao Chen in both 2019 and 2020).

  • Maths Advanced: 98/100 in HSC (B6)
  • Maths Extension 1: 48/50 in HSC (E4), Rank 2 internally
  • Physics: 93/100 (B6), Rank 1 Internally
  • Chinese in Context: 95/100 (B6), Rank 1 Internally
  • English Advanced: 91/100 (B6)
  • Music 2: 91/100 (B6), Rank 4 Internally

ATAR: 98

Having come from a background where rote learning was emphasised, and the preferred method of learning, I realised after my first few years in high school that rote learning isn’t as effective as other methods such as understanding how each concept can connect to questions, and then surmising a method to tackle all questions of the same genre, without needing to examine hundreds of questions. To this extent, I had created about ~5k Physics and Maths questions (Trials, Past HSC, and other sources) arranged by concepts and sub-concepts, so that I could practice questions specifically targeted to my own weaknesses. Similarly, I realised memorising essays in English isn’t the most effective way to achieve high marks but rather that understanding the key thematic ideas as well as the text itself is what allows one to write high quality analysis adapted to every question. I think that having experienced rote learning has made me a better student but also a teacher to not just focus on the content, but also the way it is being delivered, as well as to strive for a more holistic understanding of subjects.

Other Achievements:

  • ATCL Associate of Trinity College Diploma (Music Performance)
  • AMEB Grade 5 Musicianship
  • Diploma of Communications (ASCA)
  • Competitor for Lawrence Campbell Oratory (
  • GPS Combined Representative Debating Squad (Undefeated against AHIGS/CIS/CHS)
  • Rostrum Voice of Youth Regional Finalist
  • Sydney Morning Herald Plain English Speaking Award


I am happy to tutor online, or at the student’s house, depending on their location. My rates are 35/hour for all y11-12 subjects, public speaking, and debating, 45/hour for piano and music theory, 30/hour for all other classes. I’m happy to discuss pricing for group lessons. I charge the same price for online lessons and in-person lessons. I am available to tutor most days, please just message me to discuss further!

Interested in hiring Andy to be your tutor?

Andy C – Primary School, Years 7 – 10, HSC English Advanced, Maths Standard, Advanced & Extension 1, Chinese, Physics and Music 2 Tutor