Ali Abdul N – Years 7 – 12, WACE Maths Methods, Economics and WACE Business Management Tutor

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About Ali

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to visit my profile.

About Myself

I had done my O Levels from the British Council in 2008, in which I attained the score of a B grade, or 79% to be exact, in my English. Almost close to 80, had I put in a bit more effort! I also attained the score of between 75-78% in Mathematics and above 70% in Economics and Business Studies. Whilst the marks may be slightly low, but in my university years I scored an A(93%) in Calculus and B(between 75-80%)as well as a few C grades(between 70-75%).It was initially difficult for me to understand those concepts in the early days, however I have now devised a method in which I will try and make sure that not only do students comprehend all aspects of the curriculum, but make sure that it is done in a way that it is done in a fun ,practical but also in an example oriented and a student manner.

I have come to recognize that life is best learnt when you actually go out and do things hands on physically engaged because reading from textbooks can provide a grasp of what you need to understand (the fundamental key points) but unless you relate it in a way that it aligns with the student’s learning wavelength, that it can become monotonous and boring. Simply put, I am all for learning in the unconventional way but keeping it grounded within the academic realm. And I am saying this based on my own personal experience as well as having volunteered as assistant teaching for various schools around WA, where it is becoming increasingly recognized that the teaching methods in the school atmosphere must be accompanied by incorporating world realities that is having an impact on what the students perceive from what they learn.

Teaching Experience

I had volunteered Curtin Volunteers operated Homework Help in which I gave a helping hand to many students, primarily Somalians from the Australian Islamic College in Perth. I volunteered as a mentor and a teaching assistant for those who were having trouble in understanding their homework. Whilst the onus of completing the homework was on them, an indication that I make their studies student autonomous as I can, I served as a standby for them should they needed any assistance. When I got in touch with them a few months later, I was told they secured aggregated ATAR scores from the range of 85-95%.They told me that I taught them best by trying to solve the equations for them firsthand, before delving into explaining the mechanisms about how the mathematical equations, like differentiation and integration as well as liner and quadratic equations(which can be applied on economics and business studies), were formulated and how they can think of everyday examples that they can apply it on, making it more fun and entertaining to learn. I also used the latest knowledge that I learned from university experience that helped me to understand how these concepts can be used further in our everyday business and personal lives.

My Offerings

Based on the above mentioned profile about myself, I would now like to present my offering of my services. Even though I will be attending universities for my studies, the good news is that most of my classes will be in the late evening, meaning that I am willing to attend to you during most of the day, including in weekends, which I believe is where we can catch up and review the many lessons together. My phone and e mail support will be available 7 days a week, so should you have any questions at hand throughout the week, I am ready to offer you as much help as you would require. Even during the university examination period(I am sure your timings will be similar to mine), I will take out the time during my examination studies to look into the potential exam problems that you may face during your study week, because I feel that it’s my duty to provide you with a personalized teaching experience which I generated during my volunteer teaching, not only so that I feel good about it but because it is an even more satisfying experience that when you help out someone, the rewards become sweeter when the person you helped becomes more successful in life. Simply put, I genuinely feel for the individual’s future and I am willing to go all out in helping them academically in any way I can.


I live in Bentley area, nearby Curtin University, at St Marquis Street, so you are welcome to either come to me, or I can come to your place-whichever way suits you. Even better, we can meet up at the University, where we can access the Library to take advantage of the PC computers available there, or go to the group room for a quiet session. I am available seven days a week; please see the times when I will be available to tutor you, mostly from mornings till later afternoon in the weekdays and all day in the weekends, and will do the best to accommodate you into my schedule.

I possess a valid Children’s Check, which I secured early this year, as well as a valid driver’s license in WA as I have a car also.

Lastly, I am only charging $30 per hour (+ $10 travel fee if over 20 mins drive from Bentley), group sessions for up to 3 students at $25 per student per hour, with the first session with you free of charge. I don’t use Skype very often, but am open to the idea of doing one, at a charge of $27 per hour! Contact me today so that we can start the great journey of getting you to be on the right track to help you achieve success this year! I am looking forward to it. How about you? Let’s get started, shall we?

Interested in hiring Ali to be your tutor?

Ali Abdul N – Years 7 – 12, WACE Maths Methods, Economics and WACE Business Management Tutor