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Alexander J

Alexander J

Hi! I'm Alexander, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 Maths, VCE General Maths, Further Maths, Foundation Maths, Accounting and Business Management Tutor (93.85 ATAR). Whether you're looking to achieve a high ATAR or simply trying to pass all of your subjects, I am certain I will be able to assist you in one way or another.

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Hi, I’m Alex, I graduated senior school in 2018 with an ATAR of 93.85 and am currently studying a bachelor of commerce at the University of Melbourne.

Unlike a lot of potential tutors you may come across, the majority of my time at senior school was without academic success.

In year 10 I failed the majority of my subjects due to no regular study or homework routine and the idea that I effectively wasn’t smart enough to do well in an academic sense. In year 11 and 12 I knuckled down little bit by little bit, developing efficient ways to study and methods to the homework that actually work which I would love to show all of you!

High school is a stressful time but success in your studies is not as hard as it may seem with the use of strategic and timely study and completion of homework.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a high ATAR or simply trying to pass all of your subjects, I am certain I will be able to assist you in one way or another.

If you choose me as a tutor I will be dedicated to helping you achieve your academic goals, not only in our sessions but also via text at any time. Got a SAC after lunch and need 1 Question answered? Call me and I’ll answer it.

VCE Subjects:

Accounting (45) – An easy subject to get right and an easy one to stuff up, I can help with both the practical and theory sides of VCE Accounting.

Business Management (40) – An extremely competitive subject in VCE, I can help you gain an edge on your cohort and get a 40+.

Further Maths (46) – A subject that absolutely anyone can nail with regular studying and effective use of the calculator and formulas.


I am in the Bayside area and can tutor in any suburbs close by which are mentioned above.

I am available any time on both weekdays and weekends, just contact me to discuss a suitable time slot either as a one-off or a regular routine.

  • $50 per hour in person.
  • $45 per hour for an online appointment via Learnmate’s online learning platform.

If you have more than 1 student to be tutored in the same subjects these costs will be reduced.

  • ***Groups of 2: $35 per hour per student.
  • ***Groups of 3: $30 per hour per student.