Adien T. – VCE Psychology, Society and Culture, Maths Methods & VCE Information Technology Tutor

“4+ years’ experience in tutoring, ranging from primary school students to master’s-level university students, with many excellent results!”

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About Adien

Greetings! Thank you so much for visiting my profile.

I received an over 90 ATAR for my Year 12 studies at Southern Vales Christian College, with A-level results for the subjects Society and Culture and Psychology and B-level results for the Research Project, Information Technology, and Mathematical Methods. In addition, I was able to receive the Dux award for my Year 11 studies. For my university studies in 2015, I received a Chancellor’s Letter of Commendation, awarded to those with grade point averages (GPA’s) between 6.25 and 7. Last year, I also managed to receive straight High Distinctions for my university grades! As I received assistance throughout my primary school studies, I feel gratified to have the opportunity to offer my advice to students via tutoring. By developing an interpersonal conduct with my students, I aim to not only see my students obtain their goals but also to see my students develop the skills to become empowered.

Moreover, I have a strong passion for developing knowledge in the social sciences, ranging from Social Studies to Economics. An active believer in examining the ‘big picture,’ I seek to demonstrate my students the resilience so that they can also become autonomous learners. In teaching my students, I therefore seek to go over and beyond simply tutoring. Specifically, I try to see how students’ passions can relate to their studies to enable study to not just appear like a chore, but as a fun and creative activity!

I understand how discouraging it can be when new, creative, and innovative ways do not seem to make their way through the school curriculum. A personal goal is to turn learning into a fun endeavour and to allow students to succeed in innovative ways, such as through the Research Project!

For example, one of my students studying her master’s was able to successfully complete her major thesis write up with my tutoring assistance, which involved both editing and reference-checking.In fact, because of her successful master’s degree, she is planning to do a PhD and has contacted me about future tutoring!

I have a strong familiarity with the SACE curriculum in the subjects of Society and Culture, Psychology, Mathematical Methods, Information Technology, Research Project, Workplace Practices, Geography, and English. I am skilled in the following areas:

  • Essay preparation, drafting, and writing
  • Exam preparation
  • Analysis of course rules and syllabus
  • Programming syntax
  • Critical analysis of texts and the intended meaning of the authors
  • Learning incrementally with Mathematics
  • Offering a critical argument in an essay

Included in my tutoring offer is constant contact support each week. I am happy to arrange to contact via email or phone to answer any students’ inquiries. As a matter of fact, I enjoy being able to have this constant face-to-face communication because it enables greater transparency between my tutoring and my students. As part of the work I do outside of tutoring, I like to engage in research that can improve my knowledge of the subject so that the student can learn even more!


I live in the Aldinga Beach area. My tutoring services can either be offered at my home, your home, or an area at which you would like to meet – please feel free to select whichever location best suits your needs! I will be available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, which are the days I have outside of my university study commitments. I will endeavour to accommodate your needs as much as possible in line with my routine!

Furthermore, I hold a valid Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) clearance.

I only charge $30 per hour, with the first hour of the first lesson completely free of charge! Feel free to contact me and let’s see you achieve the best results you can!

Again, thank you so much for visiting my profile!

Interested in hiring Adien to be your tutor?

Adien T. – VCE Psychology, Society and Culture, Maths Methods & VCE Information Technology Tutor