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Zoe C

Zoe C

Hi! I'm Zoe, a Primary School and QCE Maths, English, and Science Tutor. Every student learns differently, therefore I believe it is important to meet the students where they are at and help them to find their best learning style that suits them.

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Thank you for looking at my profile and considering me as a tutor.

I graduated from year 12 in 2018 with an ATAR score of 70. Since then I have been a volunteer teacher for a year and a bit during 2019 and 2020. I worked as a full time volunteer teacher at a private academy in Vanuatu during 2020, teaching years 2 and 3, occasionally taking years 1, 4 and 5. In 2019 I also taught voluntarily in Vietnam mostly at a private primary school, occasionally teaching English to University students and at private lessons for adults.

During primary school I was diagnosed with autism and dyslexia. This had its challenges especially since my teacher at the time wasn’t sure how best to help me to succeed at school and ended up leaving me to fall behind. Later in year 3 telling my parents that I would never make it to University. As a child I didn’t understand how I was different to other students, I felt normal, but I was far behind the other students and it felt every month I was falling further behind. It wasn’t untill year 11 and 12 when I moved to Vanuatu and applied for correspondence through a Queensland school, that I found my learning style and started to excel. I went from getting mostly C’s and D’s to getting mostly A’s and B’s. I did particularly well in Maths and Science. Since then I have applied for the Bachelor of Science degree at James Cook University and was excepted, which is to commence in 2021.

My aim as a teacher and now as a tutor is to prevent what happened to me at school, happening to another student. Every student learns differently, therefore I believe it is important to meet the students where their at. helping them to find their learning style that best suits them. To guide them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses in learning, to be able to focus on their abilities and improve their imperfections. This in turn I believe will help them to be the best student they can possibly be and provide a future for them to be proud of and excited for.

I will happily tutor students who in particular struggle with the subjects English, Maths or/and Science. Although I will gladly help students to study/ prepare for exams, read and give feedback for assignments, speeches, creative writing, etc. Help students in creating an effective roster/plan to better themselves as students. If anything else around these subjects or general study please contact me and we can discuss it.



I will be living in Cairns during 2021 and preferably like to tutor students in person. However considering the current circumstances I am happy to tutor over the internet. I am available most days and times, except on Sunday. Although, I am happy for students to email me at anytime concerning any problems or questions.

I charge $45 per hour for tutoring over internet and $50 per hour in person (to cover transportation).

Thank you again for considering me and I hope to hear from you soon.