Tony O – HSC Maths Ext 1 & HSC Maths Tutor

“Conquer the field of math with a tutor who scored 96 in both HSC Maths 2U&3U!”

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About Tony

Hi, there! I am Tony and thanks for taking time to visit my profile!

I graduated from Turramurra High School in 2015 with an ATAR of 95.80 and I am a second year engineering student at UNSW currently. I attained a score of 96 in HSC Mathematics in 2014 and scored 96 in HSC Math Extension 1 and 89 in HSC Math extension 2 in 2015.

Assessment Mark HSC mark Overall Mark School Rank
Mathematics (2014) 95 96 96 5/88
Mathematics Ext 1 (2015) 97 94 96 2/55
Mathematics Ext 2 (2015) 91 87 89 4/28

My goal of tutoring is not only helping students to solve problems, but also teaching them to develop skills and techniques to conquer math problems by themselves and building their study habits. I am often known as enthusiastic and patient when I tutor my students. My role is being both a tutor and a friend. I usually make the students relaxed in lessons so that they will learn more efficiently instead of having pressure.

In fact, all of my students I tutored in 2015 achieved their goal in math scores. One of them jumped from band 3 score in half yearly exam to band 5 score in the HSC.

I am very familiar with the current curriculum for HSC and Preliminary Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and I am skilled in teaching areas such as:

  • Graph Sketch
  • Methods of integration
  • Systematic ways of proof (Mathematical induction, geometry, trigonometry, etc)
  • Interpretation of functions (exponential, trigonometric, inverse functions, simple harmonic motions, etc)
  • Calculations and manipulations of 5 kinds of series
  • Probability (combination, permutation, binomial theorem)
  • Other vital components in Math 2U&3U

Additionally, I will offer online support (phone, email, text) to all of my students anytime and it’s completely FREE. I will provide textbooks, notes and past paper as well as other resources for students and those are also FREE.


I live in Hornsby. You are welcomed to come to me and I’m happy to come to you as long as you live within 20 minutes by public transport from me. I am available everyday and anytime (extremely flexible), please inform me the time you are willing to take lessons so that I can schedule for you. I hold a currently WWCC license. I can fluently speak English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese, so international students are very welcomed!

I am only charging $30 per hour for HSC and preliminary subjects and $27 for year 10 and below, with the first half hour of your session free of charge! I am also willing to offer group tutoring for groups from 2-4 people, at a rate of $19 per student. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested! Your math success starts from here and I am looking forward to helping you achieve remarkable results!

Interested in hiring Tony to be your tutor?

Tony O – HSC Maths Ext 1 & HSC Maths Tutor