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About Ruowen

About Me

I completed VCE in 2014 with an ATAR score of 98.1. My study scores for the subjects I offer to tutor are: Specialist maths 49 (raw score 38), Maths Methods 46(raw score 42), Physics 42(raw score 40). I now study a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University, planning to complete my major in mathematical physics.

I started tutoring as a voluntary job helping my classmates with maths and physics in high school. I have constructed physics after-class tutorial for international students in Northcote high school last year. This provided me an opportunity to comprehend new study design and curriculum and to communicate with senior physics teachers.

I understand the fact that many students perceive maths and physics as difficult and challenging. Many of them find it difficult to apply what they learn from various textbooks into exam or SAC questions.

I would explain the fundamental concepts in a straightforward manner and make it easy for students to comprehend, thus effectively building up their knowledge base. 

On the basis of concepts, mathematical techniques and calculations can be invented and applied which is definitely my strength.  

My goal is to make my tutoring sessions effective and manageable, so that my students feel motivated with proven results, therefore feeling satisfied with their improvement. 

I am fully dedicated to support my student by providing notes, trial exam papers and assistance via phone calls and emails 7 days a week.

Availability, Location & Charges

I am free for lessons on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday afternoons, and Saturdays and Sundays for the entire day. I conduct my lessons at the State Library, and would be happy to find a time and place there that suits us both. I will do my best to accommodate your needs into my schedule.

I charge $52 per hour for one-on-one private tutoring and I offer a trial lesson with only a $32 per hour charge. Group tutoring can also be arranged with only $32 per hour per person. I charge a $10 travelling fee for locations outside CBD.

Thanks again for visiting my profile – I look forward to helping you succeed in Maths and Physics!

Interested in hiring Ruowen to be your tutor?

Ruowen W – VCE Maths Methods, Physics & VCE Specialist Maths Tutor