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Mahesh G

Mahesh G

Hi! I'm Mahesh, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, VCE Foundation Maths, General Maths, Further Maths, Maths Methods, Physics, Chemistry and ESL Tutor (STEM subjects: 95). I'm here to help you achieve your academic goals.

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Hi, Thanks for your interest in reading my profile.

I was a University topper in my undergraduate studies at Osmania University, India. I did my bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. Before that i scored more than 95 percentile in STEM subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in Year 12. I worked as a tutor in an Engineering College for few years, Currently I’m pursuing Master’s in Construction Management at the University of Melbourne and i was awarded a Graduate scholarship based on my Academic Merit.

During my days working as a tutor i came across students with different abilities, some were faster and some others were lagging behind. I learnt how to interact with such students and be a mentor to them. Every student has a unique ability and he will learn the subject in his own way. It is the responsibility of the tutor to grasp the child’s ability and address the subject by giving relevant examples to increase his imagination and instill new ideas. Infact i learnt more about the subject by coming across curious minds. There is no standard procedure for teaching subjects and i’m not in favor of proceeding with the subject instantly rather i look at the past achievements of the student and his willingness to learn. I will develop a personal rapport so that students will not be inclined to disobey me. I will make them realize that learning is infact fun. Failure does not bother me because i strongly believe that failure is the first step towards success.

I’m flexible in my timings and can personally tutor students at their home. I can adjust my pace of teaching so that the student understands all basic points to proceed with the next topic. Students can be in contact 24 x 7 and have e mail support whenever the situation demands. I will arrange mock tests at regular intervals in order to know the progress and highlight areas where more work needs to be done. If time allows me i will also conduct a mini quiz session after each class to increase enthusiasm in the subject. I will provide solutions to past examination papers and present them with a strategy to deal with the examination pattern confidently.

If i come up with a poor performance by any of my students, i will retrospect in which area i wasn’t able to deliver properly and make improvements in my approach. If i believe it was the student’s fault then i will ask him not to be shy in discussing his academic difficulties with me and give him suggestions for improvement. Students as well as parents are welcome to give feedback on my teaching techniques so that i don’t miss out opportunities for improvement. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


Basically i can travel in melbourne as well as it’s surrounding areas to teach students but i prefer to have a study location agreed both by me and the student if it takes more than half-an-hour to travel from the CBD. I live in Carlton at present. I am also open to on-line tutoring should anyone be comfortable with it.

Tuition Costs are as Follows:

At Home for individual : $ 40 per hour

At Home for Groups of 2 or 3 individuals : $ 30 per hour

Online Tutoring : $ 35 per hour


"Mahesh is a good tutor, he has explained the basics that my son needed to learn. His explanations was good and descriptive which made it easier for my son to understand Algebra." - Tessy, Parent

"Really good Tutor, very descriptive with his explanations helped a lot." - Labeeb, Student

"A very good person. He has the dedication and my son is very happy with the way he explains everything." - Tessy, Parent