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About Lauren

Hello! Thanks for clicking on my profile. My name’s Lauren and in my spare time, I enjoy netball, sewing and avidly watching (often in frustration) Richmond games.


One of my favourite subjects in VCE, if not my favourite, was Psychology. Though I admittedly knew very little about Psychology before studying it, I quickly found I enjoyed all areas of the subjects. I achieved an A+ average for Units 1 & 2, and for Units 3 & 4, I attained a raw score of 43 (ATAR: 93.75). My passion for Psychology led me to pursue it as my Major at university, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, along with a Minor in Indonesian and a Sub-Major in History. Completing my degree last year, I achieved a distinction average in Psychology, finding particular interest in Biological Psychology (94%) and Neuroscience (88%). Next year I hope undertake a Master of Secondary Teaching, Psychology being one the subjects I hope to teach.


As a tutor, I have five primary objectives:

1. To enhance and solidify student knowledge and understanding of all areas of psychology pertaining to VCE.

2. To ensure students are equipped with the ability to effectively communicate and apply their knowledge. This also extends to ensuring students have adequate time management skills, particularly in exam conditions.

3. To inspire students to do their very best in VCE. This includes motivating students to set high yet achievable goals as well as building their self-confidence in their own capabilities. Though Year 12 may be just one year in your life, the least thing you would want to have is regrets at the end of it that you could have done more.

4. To guide and encourage students to develop practical study skills and study habits, transferable to their other subjects as well as their potential tertiary study. It’s the students who work really hard and apply themselves that ultimately attain really high ATAR scores.

5. To impart my passion for Psychology onto students.

Some of my strategies to achieve this are:

* To provide ongoing assistance to students, including phone and email support. I hope to encourage students to frequently ask questions, even questions they might consider silly or potentially unnecessary.

* To share helpful study and exam tips (including those I’ve personally found effective during my high school and tertiary studies).

* To recognise and accommodate for different learning styles and different learning paces.

* To conduct tutoring sessions that are not only informative and comprehensive, but are also engaging and interesting for students


I currently live in Eltham and available any day and time except Saturday afternoons (though this may change so please do enquire first).

If you too live in the Eltham or surrounding suburbs, I am happy to either meet you at a local library or at your home. I am also willing to conduct tutoring sessions at the State Library in the CBD if that is convenient for you.

For private tutoring, I am currently charging only $35 an hour!

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to helping you to achieve your very best in VCE!

Interested in hiring Lauren to be your tutor?

Lauren T – VCE Psychology Tutor