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Harper B

Harper B

Hi! I'm Harper, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10, VCE English (41), Literature 38, Dance (48) Tutor. I would love to pass on my passion for learning, words, writing, and dance, and share my knowledge with you.

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Hello! My name is Harper, thank you for visiting my profile. Here is a bit about me and what I can offer you…

I completed my VCE in 2017 with an ATAR of 90.7, after lots of hard work but also great learning experiences that I hope to share with you. I received a study score of 41 for English, 48 for VCE Dance, 38 for Literature, and 37 for VET Dance. I also received a Premier’s award for VCE Dance as my score was the second highest in the state. I studied Year 11 and 12 via Distance Education while training as a full time ballet student at the National Theatre Ballet School, Melbourne, so I definitely understand how important time management is and that if you really set your mind to something, you can achieve it! Before I commenced year 11 and my full time dance training, I studied at Merbein P-10 College in rural Victoria, so I have had a real range of education experiences and highly value them all.

I would love to pass on my passion for learning, words, writing, and dance, and share my knowledge with you, as while school can be challenging at times, it is also so rewarding and crucial to a successful and fulfilling career later on. I remember at the start of year 11 reading sample essays and thinking “I will never be able to write like that!”- but if you have the right people and materials to support you, and most importantly a real willingness to learn, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.



I am available to tutor students in the St Kilda, South Melbourne, and Middle Park areas of Melbourne, meeting at the closest library or a location where you feel comfortable and focused. Online sessions are also an option. I charge $35-40 per hour, which I believe to be a very realistic cost for quality, personal, one on one support. I am also happy to offer group sessions at a discounted price depending on the number of students.


"I’ve only had a short time working with Harper who is tutoring me on a dance theory and i can’t speak highly enough of her,. Not only is she supportive, knowledgeable and flexible with her teaching style but my SAC results have rally improved, so much so that my Mum and Dad received an email from my dance teacher pointing out the significant improvement. I have included it below. I am really appreciative for all of her efforts and really lucky to have found her.


Hi Belynda and Brad,

I am emailing to say that there has been some positive change in regards to Eadie’s results, particularly for her recent Unit 3 written Dance SAC. Eadie demonstrated a good knowledge and understanding of the questions and concepts on the paper, meeting the requirements of Outcome 1 for the unit.

Eadie also performed exceptionally well in her Performance SAC on Monday which was great to see.

It seems that Eadie has invested more time into her learning, both by asking for assistance when needed and by completing drafts/revising notes at home. This will be most beneficial in preparation for her end of year exams. Kind regards, Jordan" - Eadie, Student

"One of the best tutors I’ve had." - Assia, Student