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Angela Q

Angela Q

Hi, I’m Angela, a passionate Years 7-10, IB Mandarin A & B, IB English B, IB Maths HL& SL, IB Psychology HL & SL, IB Music SL and IB Extended Essay Tutor (98.30), and I hope that by combining my teaching methods and IB knowledge, I am able to support you unleashing your potential!

  • Fill 1Extended Essay
  • Fill 1Music
  • Fill 1Music SL or HL
  • Fill 1Psychology SL or HL
  • Fill 1Psychology
  • Fill 1English
  • Fill 1Maths SL or HL
  • Fill 1Maths
  • Fill 1Chinese
  • Fill 1Chinese SL or HL


Hi there! This is Angela, someone who is passionate about tutoring and IB.

For IB: I obtained 40/45 (ATAR 98.30 in SA) as my final IB score in 2017, obtaining 7 in Chinese A SL and Music SL. I studied Mandarin A SL (7/7), English B HL (6/7), Psychology HL (6/7), Music SL (7/7), Maths HL (5/7) and Chemistry SL (6/7). I achieved B for my Theory of Knowledge and an A for Extended Essay in music with a great score of 35/36!

I provide service for Mandarin A & B, HL & SL; English B HL & SL; Psychology HL & SL; Music SL, Maths HL & SL; and I will thrive to provide service for Extended Essay in the subjects outlined above.

For other curriculum: I provide general support in literacy, numeracy, essay and formal writing and researching.

I am currently studying Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Science (long name!) in University of Adelaide, SA. I hope that by combining my teaching methods and IB knowledge, I am able to support you unleashing your potential! As a tutor in my high school, I have already helped numerous students to find the appropriate IB subject, establish knowledge for subjects, develop ideas and timeline for IA, grow confidence and finally succeed.

During my tutoring session, I am happy to go through and explain knowledge with reference to course outcomes, provide examples and details workouts, help you with questions, assist with revision and exam preparation, brainstorm ideas for or proofread IA and EE, and ultimately, make IB a bit more fun and enjoyable for you!


Location: I am based in Adelaide CBD area, and as a University student, I can book rooms in Hub of University of Adelaide. I am happy to travel to suburbs within 20 minutes by bus from CBD, such as Glenside. I offer online tutoring as well.

Charge: For IB: I charge $45/h for SL and $50/h for HL subjects, with extra $15 for EE (Extended Essay). EE alone would be $35/h. Group lesson of 2~3 would be $40/h for SL and $45/h for HL, so tag your friend along!

For non-IB subjects, I charge $40/h.

Additional charge may apply for travelling.

You will also receive:

  • Digital textbooks and study guides
  • Past exams and practice papers
  • My past IB notes
  • My past IB exam responses and markings by teacher
  • Past IA and EE
  • Ample examples and workouts
  • and more……

Time and days: I am generally free during weekends. For weekdays, I am free on after 5pm Tuesday to Thursday. Times are subjected to change due to University timetable and other commitments, and is open for discussion.

Thank you so much for reading this far! I look forward to hearing from you and support you to do your personal best :^)


"Great teacher, good communication and flexibility" - Luis, Parent