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This workshop will focus primarily on Unit 3 revision, but I will also dedicate some time towards giving you a head start for Unit 4 Business Management!

About The Interactive Winter Workshop

‘So what exactly is this interactive workshop?’ 

I am providing a 4-hour comprehensive workshop where I will cover all content covered in Units 3 & 4 Business Management.

This workshop will focus primarily on Unit 3 revision, but I will also dedicate some time towards giving you a head start for Unit 4 Business Management.

My focus will be on ensuring you have all the key knowledge, strengths and weaknesses, definitions and examples to help you answer any question in your final exam. 

I have personally found that the use of acronyms, analogies and examples are helpful to remember a number of management concepts, theories and ideas. Success in Business Management is only possible once you understand the concepts and how to apply them, so I will give you all my tips to best achieve this.

This lecture will predominantly focus on the topics popularly assessed in exams, including management structures, key elements of an operation system, ethical and socially responsible management, motivational theories and Kotter’s change management theory.

I will flag areas where students often lose marks in an exam and offer my advice to avoid these errors. The key to success in Business Management is to avoid rote learning but rather aiming to understand concepts holistically, this will ensure that you are able to apply it in any case study or to any stimulus. 

We will be going through aspects such as:

  • Key knowledge from Units 3 & 4
  • How to effectively signpost to have well structured answers
  • How to determine where marks are allocated in a question
  • How to approach a 10-mark question
  • Errors commonly made by students in various key knowledge

This workshop is presented by Lisa George, an experience VCE Business Management Tutor. Lisa attained a study score of 45 in the subject in 2012 and achieved an ATAR score of 95.15.

Hey guys!

My name is Lisa and I am excited to run a Business Management workshop this July.

For the past 3 years I have provided private tutoring lessons to Year 12 Business students and have also run after school seminars at Our Lady of Mercy College. This has truly become a passion of mine as I love to see students understanding the topics and happy with their results.

I look forward to supporting your learning and helping you achieve your goals!

Kind regards


Lisa has interesting techniques of teaching and uses real life examples, which has helped me a lot! I’m glad I got to know her through LearnMate tutoring and if anyone is looking for Legal Studies or Business Management tutoring, I would recommend her. Thanks Lisa 🙂

Current Student of Lisa

Date: Tuesday July 5th 2016
Time: 11am – 3:30pm
Location: Ross House (247 Flinders Lane, CBD)


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