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Rosie M. Environmental Studies, Australian History, Studio Arts, Indonesian

I'm Rosie, a VCE Studio Arts (45), Australian History (41), Indonesian (40), and Environmental Studies Tutor (50), and I'm here to help you reach your best!

Natalie N Primary School, Years 7 – 10 Maths, VCE Chemistry, Biology, English Language and Maths Methods Tutor

Hi! I'm Natalie, a Primary School, Years 7 - 10 Maths, VCE Chemistry, Biology, English Language and Maths Methods (94.85 ATAR) Tutor. I'll be able to provide you with notes and questions with no added cost, and I'll be available through call/text/email every day of the week!

Sophie B Years 7-10 Science, VCE Biology and VCE Chemistry Tutor

Hi there! I'm Sophie, a Years 7-10 Science, VCE Biology and VCE Chemistry Tutor (90.80), and I'm here to help you achieve your academic goals.

Tiffany C Years 7-10 Maths and Science, VCE Maths, VCE Economics, VCE Finance, VCE Law, VCE Physic and VCE Biology Tutor

Hi there! I’m Tiffany, tutor of over 4 years with students achieving high distinction and distinction results. I'm here to help you with Years 7-10 Maths and Science, VCE Maths, VCE Economics, VCE Finance, VCE Law, VCE Physics and VCE Biology.

  • For years I have been looking for a tutor service that provides a high calibre of professional tutors. LearnMate Tutoring is exactly that but with much, much more! The user friendly website can be used to search through profiles of tutors making it easy to select a tutor that best matches your requirements. They also offer students extra support & additional information such as exam tips and details of workshops, which are constantly listed on the website. Thank you for filling a void and fast tracking the pathway to finding the perfect tutor.

    Nili G, Current Parent

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