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Value Bundles Terms and Conditions

Learnmate Value Bundles

1. Learnmate pre-paid lesson bundles (Value Bundles) entitle the purchaser to a credit note in their account equal to the value stated on purchase of the Value Bundle or remaining after partial redemption.

2. Value Bundles are a customer loyalty program that entitle the purchaser to a bonus credit in addition to the value of their lesson bundle purchase. The value of the bonus credit is as stated in the relevant promotion relating to that Value Bundle at the time of purchase.

3. Value Bundles are only redeemable on and through and sub-domains (Learnmate’s Platform).

4. Value Bundles are not redeemable for goods/services procured outside of Learnmate’s Platform (including any goods/services identified on Learnmate’s Platform but purchased off of it, which is in any case a breach of Learnmate’s T&Cs).

5. Value Bundles may not be exchanged, redeemed or refunded (wholly or partly) for cash.

6. The value of a Value Bundle includes GST.

7. Value Bundles are partially redeemable (i.e. one tutoring lesson at a time) and any unused credit balance will remain, subject to clause 10 below, in the Value Bundle purchaser’s account on Learnmate.

8. If a purchaser of a Value Bundle makes a purchase or various purchases (i.e. multiple lessons) that exceeds the amount of the Value Bundle, the Value Bundle purchaser will be required to pay for the difference in price between the value of the Value Bundle and the retail price of the goods or services.

9. Any non-redeemed or unused portion of a Value Bundle may be gifted by the holder to either:
(a) a new customer that the holder of the Value Bundle has referred to Learnmate if the holder informs Learnmate by email that they are gifting that portion accordingly; or
(b) Learnmate to use, from time-to-time, in promotions, giveaways, as part of Learnmate’s ‘Gives Back’ program, scholarships or other like on-gifting initiatives.

10. All Value Bundles sold by Learnmate and any credits issued by Learnmate expire 3 years after the date of purchase. Learnmate may, at its absolute discretion, expire any non-redeemed portion of a Value Bundle after expiry or use it at its absolute discretion, including for the purposes set out in clause 9(b) above.

11. Should Learnmate suspect any fraud relating to a Value Bundle, Learnmate may refuse to redeem the Value Bundle until satisfied that no fraud has occurred.

12. Learnmate is not liable for any lost Value Bundle or failure by purchaser to redeem a Value Bundle in full or part.

13. Value Bundles are not redeemable for other Value Bundles or other promotional offerings sold by Learnmate from time-to-time.

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