Using Your Holidays to Plan Your Future!

Using Your Holidays to Plan Your Future!

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Using your holidays to plan your future

Term 2 holidays are now upon us, besides using this time to revise on your Unit 3 content it will be also a great opportunity for you to do some research on potential courses that you might want to pursue at university or TAFE.

VTAC applications open in August so now is the best time to get some research under your belt! University Open days are also coming up (August) and so researching which universities you want to go to have a look around is also good.

What can you research about and where do you start? Below are just some suggestions on what you can do:

  1. Go onto VTAC website – VTAC has a course search website that will allow you to search courses offered by universities across the State. This would be a good place to start if you are not sure on what courses universities offer.
  2. Go onto university websites – University websites have a tonne of information on the courses that they offer. Pre-requisite subjects and ATAR requirements are also listed here as well. In addition to those important things, most university websites also have the units that you will undertake in the course. (Spend some time going through the individual university websites you never know what you can find there!)
  3. Open Days – Have a look at when the university open days are and pick some to go to. Most universities won’t have much information on their open days just yet so I’ll cover what you should be doing at Open Days in a later article.
  4. – is a job searching platform. They have a section on their website that offers people career advice. You should check this out to get some insight on the career’s that you may want to pursue in the future:

The main point here is to at least start looking at potential courses that you may be interested. You may change your mind later when it comes to filling out your VTAC application and that is absolutely fine!

Below are just some websites that you may find useful in your research:

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Using Your Holidays to Plan Your Future!

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